The panel for Heroes at Comic-Con was clearly designed to tell everyoneexactly what’s coming up, as detailed storylines were given for all ofthe major characters.  Throw in a lesbian kiss with Claire, and youhave one jam-packed panel.

The  kiss is obviously the big story for anyone who likessensationalism, though the producers tried to play it down and claim itwas just friendly and isn’t a big deal.  If it’s not a big deal, whyshow it at Comic-Con?  Other than kissing women, Claire will once againbe trying to live a normal life, going off to college.  I guess thewriters don’t actually learn from their mistakes, because every seasonstarts out with Claire wanting to be a normal teenager, and every yearthat falls apart.

The other big question surrounded how Heroes will handle Sylar and Nathan being in the same body.  Both actors will still be around, and they’ll get to play a Jekyll and Hyde scenario throughout the season.  In addition, Sylar will be inside Matt Parkman’s head as a result of the extensive mind wipe at the end of last season.

In the saddest news, everyone’s favorite Hero Hiro will suffer a terminal disease and face some problems with his powers.  At the panel, it was explained that Hiro has a “bucket list” of past mistakes and he’ll use his powers to go back and try to fix them, but the complications will make that harder than planned.

In more of a continuation from last season, HRG will set about starting a new Company, and Peter, like Claire, will try to go back to a normal life as a paramedic.  Hearing all of this talk about characters going back and trying to be normal again after three seasons of insanity is frustrating because it shows the writers, especially creator Tim Kring, are not creative and unwilling to change and develop their characters.

As for the new people, Prison Break’s Robert Knepper will play the leader of a traveling carnival of heroes, and he will attempt to recruit more of our favorite heroes into his group.

If you’re wondering about Mohinder, so is everyone else.  Tim Kring was asked about Mohinder’s storyline for the upcoming season, and he dodged the actual question, suggesting that the writers have just given up trying to think of new things for him to do.

With Ali Larter, the clip shown at Comic-Con was a tad confusing as it showed her with a singular goal of killing everyone, but also seeking redemption.  Which of those is real is unclear.

Overall, it sounds like Tim Kring and company are prepared to keep making the same mistakes at Heroes that have frustrated fans for a long time, repeating storylines and having an overall lack of character growth.  No wonder they need a lesbian kiss featuring Hayden Panettiere, as it will be the only thing anyone cares about for the new season of Heroes.

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-Kim Wetter and John Kubicek, BuddyTV Staff Writers
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