This morning at Comic-Con, an all-encompassing Battlestar Galacticapanel paved the way for all things BSG now that the flagship series hascome to a close.  The panel was held to preview to major events, theBSG TV movie The Plan and the new series Caprica.  Perhaps mostimportantly, Caprica finally has a premiere date for the series:January 22, 2010.

For Caprica, creator Ronald D. Moore promises that even though it’sabout the origin of the Cylons, there will still be plenty of conflictand antagonists.  The show gives the writers a chance to explore the 12different planets, and through those differences they have the optionto explore war and discrimination.

Savvy Internet fans will also be pleased to learn that Moore intends on keeping up with his weekly episodic podcats, accompanied by a cigar and some alcohol.  However, he did warn that he may have showrunner Jane Espenson do a few as well.

Espenson will also help run Caprica, and as a writer, she’s found herself falling in love with a lot of the characters.  Among a few she mentioned are Polly Walker’s Sister Clarice, who Espenson promises will “blow your underpants off.”  She also enjoys a simple house robot named Surge and Joseph Adam’s gangster brother Sam, both of whom she loves writing for.

For The Plan, writer Jane Espenson, well known at Comic-Con for her years on Buffy, was excited to write an entire TV movie from the point of view of the Cylons.  “I love writing immoral characters,” she said.

The film will use Brother Cavil as the primary focus to tell the story, which creator Ronald D. Moore says helped a lot with the end of Battlestar Galactica the series.  While exploring who Cavil is and what he wanted for the TV movie, they figured out his role in the finale.

The Plan is directed by Battlestar Galactica lead Edward James Olmos, and he’s excited by how different it is because Espenson went through and collected many of the most memorable moments and The Plan gets to show them through a new light.

Olmos is also incredibly confident that The Plan won’t be the last Battlestar Galactica movie.  He was vocal in saying that fans will explode and go crazy over the DVD, and based on simple economics, the studios will insist on more Battlestar Galactica.  However, this only happens if you heed Olmos’ advice: “Don’t download it, buy it.”

Olmos also gave hardcore fans hope that one of the show’s biggest mysteries will be answered, because it was a question he still had.  Olmos asked who wrote Adama the note he found in the miniseries that told him there were only 12 Cylon models.  The show never answered who put that note there, but thanks to Olmos, that mystery will be solved in The Plan.

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