Drama seems to follow Claudia Jordan wherever she goes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, mostly due to her bold and outspoken personality, but the reality star is bent on staying true to herself even if it means butting heads with her costars. 

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“Maybe I’m a little too real for some of these chicks, but I think that’s how we solve problems,” she tells US Weekly. “Like why do we have to sweep things under the rug and pretend there’s no elephant in the room?” 

While relatively a newbie of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Jordan isn’t afraid to make enemies. One of her biggest conflicts in season 7 came when she and costar NeNe Leakes clashed during a group vacation in Puerto Rico, where Leakes called Jordan a “whore” whose “cl*t has left your body.”

“She seems to be obsessed with it,” Claudia said. “I’ve never had a woman that I wasn’t paying to be my gynecologist care so much about my inner lady parts. It’s so odd!”

So where does Leakes’ animosity for Jordan stem from? Jordan thinks it has something to do with Kenya Moore. “It’s my affiliation with Kenya that is gonna make you not give me a fair shot,” she said.

Meanwhile, Leakes isn’t the only who has bickered with Jordan. At one point, Jordan called Porsha Williams a hypocrite and claimed that everything about Williams is fake. When asked about the status of her relationship with Williams, Jordan was quick to say that she and Williams are not friends.

“Are we besties? Hell to the no! Are we friends? No. But we’ve been around each other enough where if you see me out I could be cordial… So we don’t speak to each other at work. We just walk by each other… as long as we keep it cool at work, it doesn’t affect everybody else,  I’m cool with that,” she said, adding that she’s not trying to hang out or go weave shopping with her co-star.

While Jordan doesn’t seem like the type who backs down from a feud, she does wish things would be different on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

“It’s exhausting to always be on defense,” she said.  “Why can’t we all co-exist and have fun together or at least be polite?”

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Dean Bextor

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