There’s plenty to be excited about in this week’s Chuck Christmas episode, “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit.” With major returning-guest-star action and a possible answer to the conspiracy questions that have tormented the Chuck characters all season, why would we need anything more?

Two words: Stan Lee.

WARNING: The following video and commentary give away some rather amusing — if minor — plot points about “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit.” They may also cause you to never look at Stan Lee in the same way again. If you are worried about spoilers or Stan Lee’s image, you might want to stop reading. Otherwise, carry on.

In this video, we get a glimpse of Chuck (in a Santa suit!) and General Beckman as they infiltrate a CIA Christmas party. Why they are at the part and what they hope to accomplish remain a mystery in this clip. But we do get a good look at one of the party’s guests, Stan Lee.

Check it out below:

While this video is an incredible Chuck moment in its entirety, there are a few highlights that need to be noted:

  • Do they really drink that much at CIA holiday parties? It seems somewhat detrimental to the idea of national security…
  • On TV, characters always seem to have mistletoe on hand when attending holiday functions. Why is that? It’s not like mistletoe is all over the place in real life. I’ve only seen it myself on one or two occasions.
  • Of course General Beckman is too cool for Stan Lee. She may be the only such woman in the world who is.
  • Chuck is naturally impressed with the secret identity of Stan Lee.
  • Also, Chuck might want to keep that beard on if he wants to stay incognito at the CIA.

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“Chuck vs. the Santa Suit” airs on Friday, December 23 at 8pm.

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)

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