After a long hiatus, V returns tonight at 10pm following a new episode of Lost on ABC.  If you’ve forgotten about V, don’t worry.  The show’s first four episodes that aired in November were mostly a prologue, setting up the alien invasion.  The return marks the start of alien Anna’s master plan and FBI Agent Erica Evans’ resistance army.

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I was a visitor on the set of V recently and spoke to the leader of the aliens, Morena Baccarin, about the show’s two female leads, Anna’s relationship with her daughter Lisa, and what the presence of an alien-hybrid baby could mean.

Morena Baccarin on the show’s central conflict between two mothers, Anna and Erica:
“We both represent different kinds of moms.  She’s the Mother Earth and I’m the alien race.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the face-off between the two characters and what will happen.  We both have children to protect and goals for our races and species, so it’s pretty high stakes.”

On what makes Anna’s relationship with her child different than the relationship between Erica and Tyler:
“It’s a different kind of maternal instinct.  I do think that Anna would want to protect her daughter, but I think that she could see the larger picture more than be tied down by emotions about it.”

On whether a half-alien, half-human baby is good or bad:
“It’s not good news, definitely not.  It’s really not good news for the Vs.  That’s a being that is part their species and part human species so it could potentially have the best of both.”

What else will you get to see in the upcoming eight episodes?  While Baccarin wasn’t clear on whether we’ll see Anna’s true lizard face, we will see her doing plenty of lizard-like things, and V promises to pay homage to many of the classic and iconic images from the original miniseries, particularly the Visitors unhinging their jaws and eating gerbils.

Check out V Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.

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