With CBS’ new mob cartel-inspired Cane set to debut on September 25, the network has fashioned an innovative marketing campaign to drum up publicity for the new program.  CBS has collaborated with iconic magazine, Rolling Stone, to carry a specially designed print ad for a make-believe product named after one of the families on the show.

The advertisement, which was appeared on Rolling Stone’s September 7 issue, showcases the fake Duque Rum, complete with a flavor strip of something akin to a rum-based Mojito.  As a further push to both the imaginary rum brand and the upcoming Cane, CBS also developed a web site dedicated to the search for the signature Duque Rum Girl.  Both the print campaign and the web contest are scheduled to be incorporated into the show.  Cane characters will actively peruse the Duque brand marketing strategy, while the eventual Duque Rum Girl will make an appearance in an episode late into the season.

According to George Schweitzer, president of CBS marketing, the promotional stunt is meant to “jump from the screen to reality and back to the screen, creating this whole kind of relationship between the show and the real world.”  He adds that “It’s about engagement and integration.”

The network’s elaborate publicity efforts for Cane marks the first time a flavor strip has ever been used to promote a television series.  Schweitzer revealed that the concept was the brainchild of CBS’ media agency, Interpublic’s Initiative.  It is the agency’s second novel advertising concept for CBS, following last year’s marijuana-scented strip which also came out in Rolling Stone, used in support of the Showtime program, Weeds.

Rolling Stone publisher, Ray Chelstowski, feels that such revolutionary marketing ploys will eventually proliferate due to the ever-increasing competition in the advertising world.

“The magazine has a certain profile in the marketplace that allows for these kinds of ads to naturally exist and ensures that they get the kind of notice [they] warrant,” Chelstowski stated.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Adweek
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