On last night’s Project Runway, the designers had to work in groups of three to design three cohesive looks made from unconventional materials from the movie theater. While some were box office hits, others flopped. Here are my rankings of the looks from worst to best. Don’t forget to tell us which are your favorites in the comments!

#15 Angela

Scraps of paper glued to plain muslin is hardly what the judges are looking for in an unconventional challenge. This look seems to lack both effort and creativity. Had the rest of her team (Sean and Fade) not performed so well, Angela probably would have gone home.

#14 Sandhya

Sandhya was lucky to have immunity this week after putting this look out on the runway. It’s only forgivable because her team mates intimidated her into losing her voice as a designer.

#13 Carrie (eliminated)

The judges probably made the right decision to send Carrie home this week. Her garment was unoriginal, and although Hernan’s idea for the team wasn’t great, at least he had an idea.

#12 Hernan

Hernan’s piece is the best of the worst collection because of its interesting collar that made it look a little bit more high fashion than the others.

#11 Amanda (winner)

I guess I’m really just not in-tune with what the judges are doing this season. Not only was this not my favorite look of the night, it wasn’t even my favorite look of the collection. Although the draping is imaginative, it has no tailored structure and just looks very DIY.

#10 Korina

Again, I’m not a huge fan of the winning collection in general. The duct tape that this dress is made of (I’m not even really sure how duct tape fits into the movie theme either, by the way) not only makes the color look cheap, but the textile as well.

#9 Kristine

This collection is just really weird. I like the bra made of chording, and I appreciate the marquee letters on the skirt, but overall it just doesn’t say “fashion” to me.

#8 Alexander

I like that Alexander made the film strips look like feathers, especially when it moved down the runway. He also managed to use the same materials as the losing designers but in a more interesting way.

#7 Char

The tickets on this dress just make it scream “movie theater,” which I just love. It’s so delightful and playful, if a little too on-the-nose.

#6 Emily

The other designers critiqued the big hips on the skirt, and I agree that those wouldn’t be appealing to wear. But it’s a great runway piece and high-fashion. And the bodice is just so cool!

#5 Mitchell

Mitchell said that this look is the favorite thing he’s ever made as a designer. And it definitely is pretty! The colors are so dynamic that it makes you wonder why more designers don’t make dresses out of CDs more often.

#4 Fade

This look just seems so expensive and edgy. The color blocking as well as the mixing of the textiles makes this look different than everything else on the runway. It also fits into their team’s “movie villainess” theme quite well.

#3 Samantha

My favorite looks in an unconventional challenge are the ones that you can’t even tell are unconventional. This look seems like it would be right at home at fashion week. The white CDs on the top create an amazing pattern and the shape of the skirt is great.

#2 Kini

The skirt made of popcorn boxes is just stunning! It’s so impressive when these designers can manipulate such random objects to create their vision. I love the cording around the middle as well, and the top ruffle just adds the perfect touch.

#1 Sean

Sean probably would have been the winner had Angela not totally flopped on this challenge, which the judges pointed out. Nonetheless, this dress made of straws is breathtaking. And the black accents give the dress the “villainous” feel that at least two members of this team were going for.

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV