Being part of ABC’s Cavemen has meant long hours on the make-up chair for series star Nick Kroll.  However, time is not the only thing that the actor-comedian has had to sacrifice in order to look like an actual caveman, as he claims he has also been forced to eating foods of a certain shape while on the set.

“Because of the makeup I’m very limited to what I can actually consume.  So I end up eating literally a lot of cylindrical food,” Kroll told’s Ben Kharakh.  “Rolled up turkey slices, I’ve never eaten more taquitos, or spring rolls, or stuffed grape leaves.  Seriously that’s like all I can consume on set.”

The inconveniences of the heavy makeup, not to mention the long and arduous process, has not stopped Nick Kroll from participating in interviews in caveman mode, however.

“Putting that makeup on for anything but doing the show really requires something special, and I do all of my radio appearances in full makeup,” he said, adding that looking the part during interviews pleases the fans.  “I walked around New York when I was doing The View and people went bananas for it.  They just couldn’t get enough of it.  So that was kind of exciting because people just loved it.”

According to Nick Kroll, it takes more than three hours to apply the makeup and forty-five minutes to remove it. He said that he would “probably go old-fashioned crazy” if not for the Cavemen‘s great makeup team.

“My makeup artist is Gabriel DeKunto. And the only thing that makes it bearable is that the guys who do our make up are awesome,” he said.  “They’re really fun and easy to get along with.  And they do a great job.”

Being part of the comedy series also has its perks, however.  For one, Kroll said that as a caveman, he “was able to kick the winning field goal in a Dallas Cowboys game.”  For another, the show has been “an amazing learning experience” for Kroll, and has given him the opportunity to work with actors Sam Huntington and Bill English.

“I think that the quality of the stuff that we’re putting out now is really good and the two guys I work with everyday… are awesome, funny, funny dudes who are also a pleasure to spend time with.  It makes it a pleasure to go to work when I’m working with guys that I respect as actors and who are also really, really, nice, good people,” he said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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