There are, alas, only a few episodes left in the current season of Castle. But it certainly sounds like the show is making those episodes count. With a trip to Los Angeles, a character death and more answers in the case of Beckett’s mother, we know that the upcoming episodes will have a lot going on. What exactly? We have some spoilers to hint at what’s to come.

Will the Walls of Jericho come tumbling down for Castle and Beckett?
During the May 2 episode of Castle, “To Love and Die in L.A.,” Beckett runs off to Los Angeles in pursuit of a killer. Castle, of course, follows closely behind. The two then pair up to track down murderers and visit film sets (Heat Wave is in production, after all).

Two New Yorkers in Los Angeles need a place to stay though. And, according to TVLine, that place is together.

Beckett, it seems, went and booked a cheap motel a million miles from anywhere she needed to be. Castle, in turn, got himself a luxury suite in Beverly Hills. Since Castle’s suite has a second bedroom, it’s a safe bet that Beckett takes him up on an offer of hospitality rather quickly.

Will anything happen between the two? According to Castle executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe, Beckett “certainly thinks about it, considers it.”

Which, when filtered through the knowledge that this is a showrunner talking, probably means no. At least we’ll get flirting. Marlow further calls the hotel scene “our ‘Walls of Jericho’ moment.”

The “Walls of Jericho” reference is to the classic film, It Happened One Night, starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. The film follows the screwball romance of two mismatched individuals (one of whom is a rakish writer) on a trip. The “Walls of Jericho” scene happens when the pair is forced to share a hotel room:

Will Beckett’s Walls of Jericho protect her from the Big Bad Wolf?

I kind of hope not.

Casting for death?
As we reported earlier, a Castle character is marked for death during the season 3 finale.

While there is still no concrete information on the identity of this character, some recent casting news does point in an troubling direction: TVGuide reports that the parts of Captain Montgomery’s wife and daughter are in the process of casting.

Why are they suddenly necessary characters? While Montgomery has mentioned family on several occasions, we’ve never seen them. Could their sudden appearance indicate that Montgomery will be the victim of a homicide?

Maybe, maybe not. Still, the character remains the most likely victim of the regular cast (although the doomed character may be only recurring). And Montgomery has been noticeably more visible in recent Castle episodes. That could either mean increasing importance or an ominous build-up to doom?

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Who do you think is going to die? Will Castle and Beckett hook up in Los Angeles? Is all of this just a tease, or are we in for major changes on Castle? Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment!

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