Okay, we knew there was something wicked outside the Wayward Pines perimeter, but can we trust that the world is overrun with them? Can we trust the truths that Megan the school counselor/hypnotist dished out to Ben, Reed, and Carrie? How do you explain the crazy Wayward Pines rules? 

Each Wayward Pines episode brings another game-changing shock to the system. “The Truth” finally presented some explanations that may, or may not, be true. Megan says the children are being raised as the first generation of humans to live in the new world. Pilcher presents himself as the mastermind, but is he really in charge and is modern man extinct? Is it really 4028 or is this whole thing an elaborate ruse to examine the psychological effects of … God only knows what? How plausible are the stories presented by Megan and Pilcher based upon what we’ve already learned?

How Can Wayward Pines Be 2,000 Years In the Future?

I can get down with this story being about a futuristic world, but shouldn’t there be hover crafts and entire meals you can eat just by popping a pill or adding a drop of water? Two thousand years is an enormous time shift. Two thousand years ago today Jesus was walking around in sandals baptizing people in the River Jordan. That’s the magnitude we’re talking about here, folks, and look at all that’s changed in our world since then. Surely the next 2,000 years will be equally productive? Or, maybe it was our advancements that initiated the downward spiral of the world as we know it. I’m not fully convinced about this yet.

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Doesn’t Megan’s Truth Have to Include Time Travel to Jive With Jenkins/Pilcher’s Truth?

Accepting that it really is 4028, there must be time travel because we’ve seen Pilcher visiting with Ethan’s boss in present day Seattle. I have a sneaking suspicion we haven’t seen the last of that guy, by the way. Hassler’s interactions with Pilcher infer that being taken to Wayward Pines can be reversed because he says he wants Ethan “pulled out” of the experiment (or whatever it is). In order for present day Pilcher to know that Wayward Pines needs people like Ethan and his family, he would have to have been to 4028 and then returned to present day (2015) to find candidates to bring forward 2,000 years. 

Could the Adults of Wayward Pines Be Cluless to the Advanced Year?

Megan would have us believe that none of the adults in Wayward Pines know the truth about the year or the existence of Abbies. Beverly was clueless about what year it was, but she didn’t seem to be the brightest bulb on the tree. Some people will swallow anything they are told, others stick their heads in the sand, so gullibility isn’t implausible, but an entire town of agreeable followers? That’s a stretch, people, a big stretch.

Can an Entire Population of Children Keep Such a Frightening Secret?

Granted, our tweens and teens keep all kinds of secrets that we parents aren’t privy to. But this is a really big secret. with the most dire consequences possible. Megan feeds into a young adult’s desire to be smarter than his or her parents, to finally have some control over his or her own life, to fit in and be part of something important. As much as I hate to admit it, this part of the story is the most believable to me.

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Is the Hibernation Chamber Scenario Plausible?

This I have no doubt about. If frogs can be frozen in the ice for months and then return to life at thaw … if we can freeze embryos and grow people from them years later … if children can fall into a frozen river, stop breathing for long periods of time and live to tell the tale … if all of that is already happening, we aren’t that far away from freezing humans.

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How Could the World Be Overrun By Cannibalistic Monsters?

The existence of Abbies raises the greatest doubts in my mind. Modern man is not so clueless that an entire new species of upright mammals could develop without our finding out. The world is full of scientists who study this stuff all day long. But what if we have another world war with both continents annihilating each other using nuclear bombs. Explosions. Massive death. Radiation. Starvation. Combine all of that with global warming. This actually could explain the ghastly mutations. 

As for the Wayward Pines storyline, I do find the abbies an interesting proposition, but I need to hear what they come up with in the way of a plausible explanation. And I want to know how they overcame the entire population without us noticing in time to do something about it. 

Is It Plausible That Modern Man Could Implode?

Hell, yes. We are our greatest enemies. Would mankind implode? Short of a meteor strike (which is not going to happen) or the ice caps melting (which very well could happen but slowly enough for us to prepare and survive it) I cannot see mankind imploding any time soon … or even 2,000 years from now. There are enough smart people around to compensate for the less intellectually gifted. Let’s hope, at least.

There Have Been Surprisingly Few Inconsistencies on Wayward Pines

True, there have been some unexplained things happen, but I have a feeling they will get explained as the full story evolves. With so much happening is such a short amount of time, it’s amazing that this show isn’t a confusing, ridiculous mess. 

I’d still like to know why Dr. Jenkins wanted to do brain surgery on Ethan. Maybe he wanted to put Ethan back into the hibernation chamber for a while. And I certainly hope those wacky Wayward Pines rules get propped up by some plausible logic soon. Oh, and what is the deal with Nurse Pam? She’s plain frightening. Other than these lingering questions, I’m happy to sit back and enjoy the freaky Wayward Pines ride. 

Wayward Pines airs Thursdays at 9pm on FOX. 

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