I know, I’m woefully out of fashion here not falling immediately into the “bash LOST” groove that much of the mainstream is dancing to these days.  Luckily, I’m in the company of millions of fans world wide who continue to be completely satisfied with LOST‘s novel like approach to telling its story.   (By novel I mean the ones with pages.)  I’ve used this analogy on TheTailsection before,  if LOST is planned to end in season four or five, then we are roughly in the second third of the story.  What book worth a read gives up it secrets at this early stage?  If on page four-hundred of The Stand, Stu and company met up with a gypsy psychic who told them they’d be sacrificing themselves to stop Flagg in the end, how pissed would we be when exactly that happened?  The fact of the matter is,  the LOST bashers have missed the fact that LOST is in fact progressing its story in an extremely compelling fashion, and March will be one of the most revealing months to date. 

Beware, minor spoilers lurk ahead.

The fact of the matter is, most of the complaints about LOST have no basis in reality.  If LOST, for instance, were to suddenly stop creating new mysteries, imagine the furor.  For instance, this week, we meet the mysterious Eye Patch guy.   Months ago, when Patchy made his Uber creepy reveal, some fans said “Oh great, another damn mystery”, now, however, Patchy will be the character who reveals to us what the association is between the others and Dharma. 

How absolutely boring would it have been for eye patch guy to just stroll into camp unannounced and start blurting out details?  LOST doesn’t shirk it’s responsibility to answer questions any more than it does its responsibility to do it in a compelling way.  But, enough pontificating,  onto the secrets.

ENTER 77 – March 7th

‘Fore mentioned eye patch guy appears in this Sayid centric episode with a lot to say about Dharma.  The rumor is, we will know what the connection is between Dharma and the Others in this episode, and may even learn something absolutely stunning concerning the mysterious operation.  Could the “Game Changer”  finally be here?  Also, if you watched previews last week, you know that Marvin Candle makes an appearance,  another good source says look for Mrs. Klugh to accompany him in the final orientation film  (Remember her, from three minutes?)

PAR AVION – March 14

Claire decides to use carrier pigeons to get them rescued, but aside from that we also learn in this episode whether or not Claire and Jack are brother and sister. 

The Man From Tallahassee – March 21

How was Locke paralyzed?  You find out in this episode!  Also, Ben is going to offer Locke some of the island’s mysteries if he calls off his attack.

EXPOSE – March 28

Take a trip back in time and see the plane crash through the eyes of Nikki and Paulo!  This episode also brings us the return of Boone and Shannon, in flash back of course.  Personally I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the return of Doc Arzt, but we’ll see.

A month full of LOST with answers, thrilling new mysteries, and no stinking reruns!  Stay tuned for even more details.

– Jon Lachonis, a BuddyTV Senior Writer


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