Angie Miller covered one of his songs recently on American Idol. And now Colton Dixon is returning to the show that put him on the national stage and launched his career. What song will he perform? Is it a secret?

Also, we’re finding out more about the Once Upon a Time spin-off in the works for ABC, including which character the show will focus on, if the OUaT showrunners are involved and when it might air. And in casting news, Sean Faris will play a police officer on Pretty Little Liars and Bob Newhart is heading to The Big Bang Theory.

Once Upon a Time Spin-Off Will Focus on Alice in Wonderland
Pretty Little Liars Casts Sean Faris as Police Officer

The past couple weeks have seen season 11 alumni returning to American Idol. And the same will happen for the third week in a row when Colton Dixon, now a successful contemporary Christian artist, performs during the Top 8 results show airing on March 28, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I am going to be on next week,” he revealed. “It is coming up so fast.” When asked what song he’ll be singing, Colton didn’t divulge, only saying, “I can’t. They will kill me if I did. Let’s just say there is going to be a lot of energy on stage. … You’ll have to wait and see.” Why all the secrecy?

While he remains tight-lipped about the song choice, he’s excited to talk about Angie Miller, who recently performed his song “Never Gone,” resulting in sales of his album A Messenger to increase. In fact, it all started when Angie posted the cover initially on YouTube last year. “I saw that with a buddy of mine several months ago. I commented on it, and said it was great. I had no idea she was trying out for Idol.”

He says that Angie “did an absolutely phenomenal job. I loved her version of it, and I wish there was an iTunes version of it. … We are going to have to do something special. I owe her a huge thanks.” I predict a duet during the season finale.

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