Official photos from episode 8 of America’s Next Top Model cycle 22, “The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up” airing September 23, 2015. The models are tasked with creating a PSA in front of a harsh team of critics… kids! At the photo shoot, the guys and girls they have to pose as life size dolls, where some of the models don’t rise to the challenge.

#18 Miss J and Brittany Furlan on the Red Carpet

#17 Miss J and Brittany Furlan

#16 Miss J

#15 Miss J and Brittany Furlan in Front of the Class

#14 Nyle, Courtney, Devin, Lacey, Bello, Hadassah, Justin, Mame and Mikey

#13 Devin, Courtney and Bello Take a Group Selfie

#12 Hadassah, Mikey and Mame Check Out Their Photo

#11 Lacey’s Selfie

#10 Nyle, Lacey and Justin

#9 Nyle, Lacey and Justin

#8 Courtney, Mame, Mikey, Devin, Lacey, Bello, Hadassah, Nyle and Justin

#7 Bello Gets Ready for the Photo Shoot

#6 Courtney in the Box

#5 Hadassah Gets Directions

#4 Hadassah as a Life Size Doll

#3 Justin and Erik Asla

#2 Justin as a Life Size Doll

#1 Nyle Strikes a Pose

Dean Bextor

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