After two season of the VH1 reality dating series Rock of Love, Bret Michaels has finally found his ideal “Rock Star Girlfriend.”  In the first season, the 45-year-old Poison frontman picked Jes Rickleff over Heather Chadwell but was later dumped during the Rock of Love reunion special as Jes felt that her connection with the rocker was not nearly as strong as the bond between Michaels and Heather.  Nevertheless, he got lucky the second time around as he chose Ambre Lake, the Rock of Love 2 winner whom Michaels is still dating.

“Everything turned out good so far,” Bret Michaels told USA Today.

Of course, Michaels’ “better than ever” relationship with Ambre Lake may extinguish the possibility of a third season of Rock of Love, an idea that wouldn’t make sense since Michaels is now taken.

On the other hand, Bret Michaels remains open to do other types of reality shows, particularly one that would follow his life on the road, claiming that it would be far more colorful than any catfights or mud bowl on Rock of Love.

Arriving hot on the heels of Rock of Love is his fittingly titled solo album “Rock My World,” which was released on June 3.  The album is a greatest hits compilation featuring all the music heard on the first and second season of Rock of Love.  It has landed at number 30 on Billboard’s Top Independent albums chart after peaking at number 4.  As part of the album’s promotion, Michaels will be going on several tours.

“People are ready.  They want to hear rock again; they want to go out and party and have fun,” Michaels said.  “You want to go to a summer concert and not watch a band staring at its shoes for six hours and complaining.  I think people want to hear rock.  Everything is cyclical.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: USA Today
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Kris De Leon

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