American Idol hosted a press conference earlier this morning with Blake Lewis, one of the two finalists on this season’s American Idol.  During the call, Blake was down-to-earth, answering questions candidly and not giving the typical cliche, canned answers that we are all so used to.  He had a few interesting tidbits about his musical past back in great Pacific Northwest, and his former friendship with the members of Maroon 5.

Here are some of the highlights from the press conference.

For next week, the three songs both performers will be singing are 1) a song from the songwriting contests, 2) a song of their own choice, and 3) a song from earlier in the season.

When asked about his fashion sense, Blake described as sort of a hip-hop chic.

Throughout the call, Blake liked to say that he didn’t view American Idol as a competition.  His main goal is to go out there and have fun.  He also views the whole thing as a remix competition, because every song is being translated by the singer from its original version.  He doesn’t seem to be too interested or concerned with winning.

When asked about what kind of album Blake would like to record, he used a bunch of different genres, including pop, electronic and jazzy.  He said there would be some loop based things, as well as some beat-boxing.

When asked about singing a Maroon 5 song, Blake admits that he has known Maroon 5 for about six years, and used to be close friends with the drummer.  He called them a week before he performed their song and asked “for a solid”.  They told Blake he could perform whatever he wanted.

He loves Jordin and thinks that she has more hip-hop sensibilities than she lets on.

In his most interesting answer, Blake says that he hasn’t really listened to the judges at all this season and isn’t affected by the criticism.  He mostly just nods his head and smiles.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV