With less than a month until the Breaking Bad season 5 premiere, AMC has added more fuel to the fan frenzy with a recent batch of photos (including these chill-inducing shots of Walter and Jesse, thanks to TV Guide) and a new promo clip. Plus, Bryan Cranston recently told the L.A. Times that the idea of a Breaking Bad movie is “not far-fetched.”

The following exclusive promotional photo comes from EW and artfully portrays the divide between Walter and Skyler. Something is keeping them up at night, and the dark and light shades surrounding the two characters indicate a line has been crossed, maybe irrevocably. Can these two ever be reconciled? To add a creepiness factor to the evocative image, there’s a trick mirror image discrepancy (we should be a reflection of ourselves in the photo).

Next is an intriguing photo of Walt and Jesse, sharing a beer and snacks in their full lab gear (courtesy of Vulture). This image is interesting because the two partners haven’t exactly had a buddy-buddy type relationship, not to mention the fact that they have some serious unresolved business left from season 4. Could it be that Walt and Jesse eventually make amends, or is this just a misleading image that will never be fulfilled?

In addition to the head shots of the pair facing into what appears to be a cracked wall of crystal meth, TV Guide also released the following photo of Walter with his Heisenberg hat and Jesse in another punk t-shirt.

Zap2it also released two photos from season 5 — the first is from the premiere, where Walt and Jesse gaze upon something in the distance intently (any guesses?) and the second is from the second episode of the final season, with Walt working his meth-making magic in a (symbolic) upside-down shot.

To top it all off, a new season 5 promo was released, and although there is no new footage, it revisits the events of the season 4 conclusion and reiterates the fact that Walt is the new king in town, and nothing is going to stand in his way. Watch the clip below:

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan confirmed this season is Walt’s final stage of transformation into his Heisenberg alter ego, probably past the point of no return. Gilligan tells the L.A. Times, “To this point, Walt’s been able to lie to himself and reason that he’s done all these terrible things for his family. But that’s a lie that’s harder and harder to maintain as this upcoming season progresses and the money piles up and he’s faced more and more with the badness that he’s done.”

Furthermore, Gilligan promises Walt will be “a harder guy to root for.” Don’t expect any magical happy endings for our antihero – “The experiment of the show has been to take a good guy and have him transform himself into a bad guy. And we’re committed to seeing that through to the very end.”

At the same time, according to Cranston, Gilligan feels they have “too much story” to fit into one 16-episode final season. This could open the door for a Breaking Bad movie, which isn’t a “far-fetched,” says Cranston. “I wouldn’t mind visiting that possibility,” the actor admitted. “If [season 5] doesn’t end up in a total apocalypse, who knows? Maybe we could revisit Walter White a year down the road and see where his life has gone.” But there’s a major caveat: “If he’s still alive, that is.”

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