Suits  returned darker than ever in winter premiere “Blind-Sided.” Mike’s job at the firm created a facade of normalcy and strength for him and that all came crumbling down when his grandmother died. He felt so wronged in life for being left alone that he made some bad, rash decisions under the illusion of doing right.

Mike and Tess

In the summer finale while grieving for his grandmother, Mike found comfort with his married ex-girlfriend, Tess, after being rejected by Rachel. And, then Rachel showed up. Oops! Instead of realizing it was a bad idea to be with Tess, Mike continued a relationship with her.

They had sex, got high and ate pizza … well, if they had pizza. An unhealthy relationship if there ever was one, but Mike had someone with him. His grandmother’s death left him alone in the world. No family members remain.

Together they pretended that Rachel and her husband didn’t exist. At least, initially. In the end, Mike realized what they were doing was wrong and ended it. 

Louis is Ostracized, Gets an Associate, Loses Associate

Hardman may be gone, but Louis is still suffering the consequences of siding with him in the vote for Managing Partner. Harvey wants nothing to do with Louis. It’s not going to be easy for him to redeem himself.

Regardless, Louis is now a Senior Partner and can hire his own associate. He contacted She-Louis to help him find the best associate from Harvard. He lined up the top five to interview, but immediately was taken by a smart, tough lawyer, Maria, a self-declared machine. He made her an offer on the spot.

Louis and She-Louis met up at a hotel for some creepy romance. He convinced her to help him lock down Maria for the job. And, Maria accepted. Louis would now have the perfect competitor to Mike.

Maria may have been too good. She questioned Mike’s attendance at Harvard to Donna. As the Class Secretary, she knew all the Harvard Law students. With Mike’s secret threatened, Donna told Harvey. He went to Jessica to squash Maria’s hiring.

Jessica used the changes at the firm to make Louis rescind the offer due to a hiring freeze. He saw it as retaliation for his support of Hardman and that confirmed in his mind when he found out that Harvey hired a new associate the same day.

Despite Louis’ betrayal of Jessica and Harvey, it’s difficult not to  feel a little bad for him. He lost She-Louis and a quality associate due to a secret that he knows nothing about. He’s not going to let this go without stirring up trouble.

The Hit-and-Run

Harvey was called in to help a top client’s son, Liam, who hit someone with his car and left the scene. Mike was initially harsh on Liam questioning whether or not he was drunk. Liam was adamant that he wasn’t drinking.

The prosecutor, Trina, initially wanted a tough sentence for Liam. After Mike found out the victim was dressed all in black to hide while painting graffiti, Trina, agreed to make a deal. Then she asked Mike to put in a good word for her to Harvey. She wanted to become his associate.

While high, Mike took the settlement papers for Liam’s signature and his client confessed that he was high during the accident. This infuriated Mike and he wanted to Harvey to make it right, but Harvey said it was a good deal.

Then, Mike violated privilege and told Trina that Liam was high. She ignored the information and submitted the deal to the judge and it was approved. Mike was upset, but he was in the wrong when he broke the rules.

A Victim’s Family

Mike went to offer a settlement to the victim’s family and given the way he was treated when his parents died he overcompensated. The family didn’t want much, but Mike offered them the full $100,000. 

After finding out that Liam was high during the accident, Mike felt that he was no better than the lawyer, Nick Ronaldi, that screwed him and his grandmother after his parents were killed by a drunk driver. Mike went to Ronaldi’s office to get closure. 

Even though Ronaldi recognized his wrongs, it wasn’t enough for Mike. He felt guilt about his own participation in a similar case and wanted to know how Ronaldi slept at night. Mike’s visit didn’t provide much relief.

Mike and Rachel

Oh, these two are so good for each other, they just don’t know it. They push each others buttons. Mike revealed Tess is married and Rachel is disappointed. Then, she revealed she had an affair with a married man before. Ouch. 

Rachel’s reaction helped Mike realize that his dalliance with Tess was not a good idea. Besides after Mike’s speech to Harvey about doing what’s right, he decided to follow that mantra in his personal life too. He gave that same speech to Tess as he ended their relationship.

Is there hope for Mike and Rachel? Check out Patrick J. Adams answer in our recent interview.

Harvey’s Lost Love

Harvey tried to start a relationship with Zoe. It was so touching to see him with Zoe’s niece, Olivia, since he’s rarely seen in a loving and caring situation. He even went to say good night to the little girl. Aww!

Their relationship wasn’t meant to be … at least not now. Zoe’s brother is dying from cancer and Zoe’s going to take care of Olivia at her parents’ house. It was sad to see it not work out.

Mike Causes Problems

What a troublemaker! Is Mike really worth all the problems he is causing?

Jessica had to force Louis to rescind the job offer to Maria to protect Mike’s secret. Then, Harvey had to hire Trina to prevent Mike’s professional lapse from getting out. What a complication! 

Louis had to give up his associate because of Mike and Harvey had to hire one, but what about the “hiring freeze”? Disaster will strike all because of Mike Ross. Is he worth it?

In the end, they all were suffering because of Mike’s actions: Jessica, Harvey, Louis, Donna, and even Rachel. How will Mike make this right? He got a start by dumping Tess, what will his next move be?

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