This week on Bones, it’s the surprise midseason finale. That’s right, the show won’t back until Jan. 12, when the episode that was supposed to air next week will be broadcast — at an earlier time, as well.

On the plus side, you’ll know that there won’t be any cliffhangers to obsess over until the new year. Or is that a bad thing? Ah well, on with the recap!

Twisted Twister

A storm-chaser becomes the victim of tornado — or is it? Not when the team concludes that the victim died from three blows to the head by the same object. The case leads Booth and Sweets out on the field, to a tornado which the victim’s so-called rival is chasing. At the scene, with the tornado getting closer and the wind blowing fiercely, Booth spots a fire extinguisher that might be the murder weapon. He’s able to detach it and get inside of a storm shelter, narrowly avoiding being killed by flying debris.

Following the Path

The fire extinguisher is ruled out, leaving the team puzzled as to what could’ve killed the man. They try to narrow down where the body may have been been before it was picked up and thrown by the tornado. Hodgins and Angela then go out to see if there’s anything they can find — and they do. It’s an object that they figure out is from a rainbow-colored water bottle, strong enough to lead to repeated blows to the head. It can be only one person, the girl who’s part of the “rival’s” team and a big fan of rainbows. But it turns out it wasn’t her, but her jealous boyfriend.

Angela’s Father Returns

Poor Angela and Hodgins. Their baby Michael is keeping them both up all night. Which means Hodgins has one too many cups of coffee, making him a jittery, wide-eyed, fast-talking version of himself, and Angela uses the wrong card to gain access to the lab. And now, Angela’s father is back, wanting to spend some quality time with his grandbaby.

They lie to him when he wants to pick up Michael from day care because they don’t know what kind of influence he’ll have on the baby. To which Angela’s father responds that Angela, as a kid, used to be backstage for his shows all the time. But Angela wants Michael to have stability.

After Angela and Hodgins come to their senses and let her father take care of the baby, they come back to find Michael sleeping to rock music playing, and with a tattoo of his grandfather on his arm — a press-on, of course.

The Bickering Continues

Booth has always been overprotective of Brennan, and now that she’s pregnant with his baby, he’s getting to the point of controlling. And Brennan is none too happy about this — especially since it’s affecting their home life AND professional life.

It brought upon an amusing scene, when the two are at the scene of the crime — she’s on her hands and knees and he tries to pull her back. But she resists, and it led to somewhat of an uncompromising position. Even when they fight it’s cute!

But it wasn’t cute when he lied to her about where he’s going. Of course, Brennan tracked the cell phone tower from his call, went out to the tornado, and then left him (and Sweets) behind in the middle of nowhere after Booth’s care got damaged. Show him who’s boss, Brennan.

By the episode’s end, all seems well, as they’ve talked their issues over and have come to an understanding. That is, until he insists she puts on her slippers due to the splinters she’ll get from the floor. Guess you can’t win ’em all.

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