In “The Maiden and the Mushrooms,” the fictional court show called Judge Trudy has Brennan and Booth appearing in “court” for the lastest murder — except Brennan’s objections during filming has to stop production. 

At the same time, Brennan’s on a mission to prove that her baby Christine isn’t a biter.

The Many Suspects

I love that Brennan doesn’t seem to understand the concept of Judge Trudy. (She’d probably be pretty confused over reality shows, too!) When she and Booth first visit the courtroom, Brennan objects to something, which is crazy since the show is being filmed at that moment. For raising a ruckus, they’re to be escorted out, but Booth conveniently flashes his badge and production stops. 

It’s Judge Trudy who reported her producer missing. And there are many suspects: the judge herself, who is a big alcoholic and was mad that the victim banned booze on the set. There’s the interim producer, who had fought with the victim over a promotion. And the stalker guy, whom the victim had a restraining order against. 

There’s even the bailiff, who used to date her and knew firsthand that she loved her work more. And finally, even the people on the show are suspects, ones who were fired up by the victim so they’d make better television — but ended up losing their case. One woman especially was angry she lost her case in the end and had actually lived close to where the victim’s body was found.

Eye for an Eye

Ultimately, the reason why the victim was killed does have to do with her working too much, but it’s not quite what you’d think. This is one of those cases where you find yourself sympathizing with the killer a bit — the bailiff. 

The victim and the bailiff had been sharing custody of their dog, only because she forced it, while he wanted to take care of the dog himself. She refused to give him up — even when she had to neglect him for work. It turns out she had the poor pup chained up, and the dog ended up dying, possibly chasing after a squirrel.

So he killed her the same way she killed the dog.  

Where’s Your Workplace Manners?

The side storyline with Hodgins this week has to do with something I’m sure many of us who have worked in an office has dealt with: food, condiments and other things disappearing from the fridge. 

Hodgins has eaten all of Abernathy’s sauce. At first, Hodgins doesn’t understand why Abernathy is freaking out so much about it, until he finds out it’s his dead grandmother’s special recipe — and it’s the last bottle.

Hodgins spends the rest of his time trying to duplicate the recipe using all the tools and chemistry and everything he has. In the end, they both sell the recipe thanks to Hodgins’ clever negotiating. 

Mike Tyson She is Not

Christine’s been stirring up trouble at daycare, as she bit one of the other girls. Brennan is naive and in denial about it because her daughter could never cause trouble! Never mind that even Sweets confirms that it’s normal child behavior. 

Brennan spends the rest of the episode trying to prove her daughter’s innocence, doing crazy things like having Angela break into the daycare’s files to get photos from the incident and getting impressions of Christine’s teeth so that Angela can compare the two. 

Finally, she gives in to the idea that Christine bit someone and that it’s alright at her age — and that’s because Christine bites Brennan as well. She has nothing to worry about at the moment, but let’s see where Christine is in her biting ways a year or two from now.

Bones is off next week and will return on April 15.

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Esther Gim

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