Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premieres on Thursday, Oct. 10 at 8/7C on ABC. Check out some new spoilers about Beowulf’s Grendel appearing on the show, as well as casting news about Lauren McKnight’s appearance as Elizabeth aka “The Lizard.”

Beowulf’s Grendel Coming to Wonderland

We already know that Wonderland is going to feature new characters, but how about some new monsters as well? TV Line reports that the show will be sending Beowulf’s Grendel after Alice and The Knave. 

Grendel will reportedly be portrayed by an actor in prosthetics and appear as a “large, warted, ogre-like beast,” who will definitely bring mortal danger to Alice. Though he will be a monster, there will also be more the beast than meets the eye. “It’s a wink-and-a-nod, as opposed to a real deep-dive into Beowulf,” series co-creator Adam Horowitz said of the creature’s battle with Alice.

Grendel is usually depicted as a monster, but could it be that this time the creature will also have some human qualities? Perhaps this version of Grendel will only be a monster sometimes and human other times. Now we just have to wonder who will play him. 

Casting News: Meet Elizabeth aka. The Lizard?

New characters come in all shapes and forms, it seems. TV Guide reports that actress Lauren McKnight (My Super Psycho Sweet 16) will be appearing in a potentially recurring role in Wonderland. McKnight will play a character name Elizabeth, who is also known as “The Lizard.” 

Could this be the show’s version of Bill the Lizard from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? If so, then Elizabeth could end up being a companion to the White Rabbit. Bill the Lizard also appears in the book as a juror in the trial of the Knave of Hearts. That could mean that Elizabeth could be working against The Knave and Alice on the series. 

What did you think about the latest spoilers and casting news for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? Which new character are you most excited to see?

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Michelle Carlbert

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