For those of you who are unaware, this week we Bones fans were treated to a special Valentine’s Day-themed episode of Bones entitled “The Bikini in the Soup.”  

Of course, as with any Bones episode, there was a murder to be solved, but what I loved most was that it was the characters’ relationships that were at the forefront of this one.

And really, who doesn’t love seeing some cute Booth and Brennan and Hodgins and Angela moments? Oh, and we must not forget about Cam and her new man. I mean, even Clark got in on the action!

So, for the lowdown on each couple’s Valentine’s Day and as always a recap of the case, read on, my friends!

The Wedding Planner

This week’s victim, Wendy Bovitz, is found rather disgustingly melted in her home tanning bed. Now, while it is possible that her death could have been a result of her simply falling asleep, it is the Squints’ job to figure out whether this was an accident or murder.  

And much to Cam’s chagrin, it turns out Wendy was indeed murdered given that there was trauma to her ribs and evidence that she had been stabbed through the heart. That’s one bold statement right there.

Anyway, after searching through Wendy’s computer, Angela finds her will, and Booth and Brennan discover that shortly before her death, she had transferred half of her business to her executive assistant, Darren.  

Also, Wendy’s will revealed that Darren would get the entire business for himself if she died, making him the prime suspect in the investigation.  

Yet, Darren reveals that he was in love with Wendy and that they were romantically involved, and he insists fervently that he did not kill her.  

Still, it is not until analyzing the murder weapon (a $7,000 cake topper by the way) and Angela going through Wendy’s computer another time that Booth and Brennan discover the real murderer.     

As it turns out, horse hoof oil was found on the cake topper, and given that Wendy’s husband, Greg, worked with horses by regularly giving married couples rides by horse and carriage, Booth and Brennan name him as the murderer. Also, he logged into his e-mail on Wendy’s computer very close to the time of her death.

Now, how does this prove he did it exactly? Well the thing is that it doesn’t conclusively, so Booth and especially Brennan use their acting skills to trick Greg into confessing.

In the interrogation room, Brennan bluffs and tells Greg that his DNA is on the cake topper, and she also compares him to Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights in that Greg was forced by Wendy to be something less than he was when she forced him to give up his dream of working on a ranch training horses to drive the carriage.  

Knowing that he would have found out that his wife gave away half the business to Darren as a result of checking his e-mails around the time she was killed, Brennan bates him into confessing by pretending to find it astounding and unfair that he was willing to do all of that for his wife, yet she gave half their business to her assistant.  

And so, overcome with anger that his wife could have been involved with such a lesser man than him, he proclaims that he should’ve killed Darren and not Wendy, giving Booth and Brennan the confession they needed.  

And with that, the case is closed, and Brennan can’t help but commend herself for her “very good” job. Well done, Brennan!  

Get Moving

Taking charge in this week’s episode, Cam makes it known to all the Squints that they have a limited amount of time to solve Wendy’s murder because at precisely 6:45pm she will be leaving to go out on her date with Paul.

As she so eloquently puts it, “There is death in this world and romance, [and] today, death is the loser and romance wins!”   

So she hilariously walks around pestering everyone to hurry up and solve the case faster, but because she is so sweet, she does stop and take time to give Hodgins some great advice on his Valentine’s Day present for Angela.

Specifically, she tells him that he has one of the most beautiful rooms in the Jeffersonian (apart from all the creepy insects and things), and she tells him that there has to be something in there that would make a great gift.  

And now, thanks to all of Cam’s hard work, she is able to make it to her date on time, and what an amazingly adorable one it was at that as Paul picked her up in a limo that was filled with flowers on the inside.  

Aren’t these two just so cute? I’m definitely glad that we’re seeing more of Cam in these episodes, and in this one in particular, I was reminded of just how much I love Tamara Taylor.  Please keep it coming, Bones writers!

Romance After Marriage

Although Angela insists that she and Hodgins don’t have to do anything big for Valentine’s Day and tells Hodgins that he no longer has to worry about it because they’re married, he feels compelled to show her that married people do still have romance.

The problem, though, is that he doesn’t really have any idea what to do for Angela to make Valentine’s Day special, and this is where returning squintern Clark comes in, reminding Hodgins that the best gifts are those that come from the heart.

So, taking this advice and the previous advice from Cam into consideration, Hodgins does something very unique to himself: He creates a hybrid slime mold that smells like roses for Angela and even names it after her.  

Naturally, Angela loves it, and the two have once again proven how strong their love is. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Baby Hodgela to finally arrive!  

An Interesting Request

The brand new emotional and insightful Clark Edison was back at the Jeffersonian this week with some interesting Valentine’s Day plans of his own.  

Having been with his girlfriend, Nora, for 3 years, it seems that the flame between them definitely still exists as she calls him in a low and breathy voice, and he seems to comply with her every request.

Speaking of which, however, Clark does have concerns about Nora’s most recent request and thereby turns to Angela for some much-needed advice.  

And, because Angela is Angela, she makes him realize that he should do what she wants because he loves her, but he still does not reveal to Angela just what that particular thing is.

Yet, we later see that Nora’s request had been for Clark to dress up as cupid for her, and that’s certainly not all we see. Who knew that’s what Clark was hiding all this time under that lab coat of his? Really, all I can say is that Clark and his ridiculous abs are welcome back to the Jeffersonian any time.     

Happy Valentine’s Day Massacre  

While watching the interaction between Booth and Brennan in this episode, I felt like their dynamic was pretty much back to normal, and I can’t even begin to say how much I loved it.

Now, why could this be though? Obvious: no Hannah. Thank goodness.  

However, you could tell Booth was still hurting given his comments on Valentine’s Day as a ridiculous holiday created by the greeting card and flower companies, and this is why I was glad he had Brennan around who felt the exact same way.

Of course, Brennan was rather busy that day, what with getting phone calls from several different men asking her to go out with them. Let’s see, there was Douglas, Scott, the Secret Service agent and Jean Paul. Good for you, Brennan!

Still, she turned down every single one of them very comically and ultimately decided to spend her “Anti-Valentine’s Day” with Booth firing guns at the shooting range.

Personally, I can’t think of a more appropriate way for the two to have spent their Valentine’s Day as this was something they would totally and did do, and I thought it was really sweet.  

Also, has anyone noticed that we’ve got those looks back?  Let’s hope they keep coming!

Oh, and in case any of you want some more Bones Valentine’s Day love, check out this video below.

The Next Episode

One thing that will unfortunately not be coming for another three weeks is the next episode of Bones, “The Killer in the Crosshairs.” Yet, until then, feel free to take a look at the promo and be sure to hit the comments with your thoughts on this episode!

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