I know this is two days later than when I said I was going to post this article, but I figured, since we don’t have a new episode of Bones this week and have a long wait ahead of us until this summer hiatus is over, that this would maybe cheer some of you up.  

So, I was thinking I’d take this time to talk more in-depth about the Season 5 finale, “The Beginning in the End.”  Now, just to clarify, when I say talk more in-depth about the finale, I basically mean the last five minutes of it.

I just wanted to let you all know that I read all of your comments on my recap from last week, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. It’s nice to know what other Bones fans like myself think about the episodes and the direction of the show, and I very much appreciate your input.  

Like you, I too have given a lot of thought to what went down in those last pivotal minutes of the episode.  Originally, I was disappointed that Booth and Brennan did not kiss or do something that would move their relationship forward, but, after re-watching the end of the episode, I think the writers were smart to end it like they did.

I’m still dying to see a Booth and Brennan kiss don’t get me wrong, but I think the end of the episode was perfect for both characters.  

Now, in order to ease the pain of my Bones withdrawals, I have been watching YouTube fan videos (please don’t judge), and my friend sent me one the other day that was just too good not to mention.  

This particular video is set to the song, “Anywhere But Here” by SafetySuit, and, while listening to the words of this song, everything about the ending of the finale just kind of fell into place for me. Don’t take my word for it, check it out below:


As I mentioned before, I was upset that when saying goodbye before leaving for Indonesia, Brennan told Hodgins she loved him and didn’t say the same to Booth.  

But as you all so kindly made me realize, her telling him not to be a hero and not to be himself while in Afghanistan essentially was her way of telling him that.  Yes, she didn’t directly say the words, but you could tell that’s what she meant.

Now, when also considering the fact that Brennan said she wanted to take the year off and get perspective, this gives me hope.  Fingers crossed she’ll come back with the realization of how important Booth is to her, and hopefully that’ll lead into a full-fledged relationship sometime next season.  

Changing gears to the Booth perspective, this is where the song lyrics really hit home.  Essentially, the song talks about a man who doesn’t want to be without the woman he loves, especially in the place they always are.

In relation to the song, at first, Booth talked about not going to Afghanistan because he already had a job and a son to take care of, and, while these were both very good reasons, I don’t believe they were his main reasons for not going.

Specifically, I believe his major reason was that he did not want to be in Washington, D.C. without Brennan.  Sure, he’d be without her in Afghanistan, but it would be different.  He wouldn’t be in their place, doing their thing solo or with someone else.

Also, in regards to him not kissing her, I think that was typical Booth.  I, of course, do not mean that in a bad way; I only mean that he did not want to do anything to make Brennan uncomfortable or upset the balance of their relationship.  

Now, for all of you who are nervous about the start of next season, I come bearing news.  If you don’t like to be spoiled, stop reading now.

In an interview with Michael Ausiello, executive producer Stephan Nathan was asked what is next for Booth, Brennan, and the rest of the Squints.  He replied saying, “The start of the season will have Booth and Brennan meeting [12 months later] at the coffee cart, and the series will start again … though on very different footing.  There will be big changes.”

What exactly are these big changes?  Do we Bones fans have reason to freak out?  Well, Nathan sure hopes we don’t.  He assured Ausiello that all of our favorite characters will be back, and they’ll “be the same people, [just] with one solid year of independent life under their belts. So when they see each other again, they will be different.”

Finally, he said, “Our intention was to really shake things up so that we don’t just come back with the same dynamic.”  I’d say they certainly did that, wouldn’t you?  

Now, in regards to these big changes, I certainly hope it means a Booth and Brennan relationship next season.  David Boreanaz did say when he was on Jimmy Fallon last week that their separation would bring them closer together, so let’s just hope the old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” applies to this situation.  

So, now I’d like to hear what you guys have to say.  What do you think about what Stephen Nathan said?  Comment away!

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Nicole Bessette

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