We’re heading into a busy time in the worlds of Bones and its spinoff, The Finder. In just a few short weeks, our Thursday night will play host to both shows, as Bones airs its final episode until late in the spring of 2012 and The Finder debuts its first independent episode.

So what can we expect throughout all of this?

It’s Tough to Have a TV Baby
In real life, most births occur without major drama (outside of the delivery room, anyway). That’s not the case on Bones. E! Online reports that Brennan will have more than one problem when it’s time for her daughter to be born.

First of all, some villainous personage will attempt to do direct harm to Brennan shortly before the birth. Obviously, this will not sit well with Daddy Booth. But, to add insult to potential injury, something will keep Booth and Brennan out in the cold when the baby is ready to come.

What’s the situation? No clue except that it is described as a “no room at the inn” situation. Will Brennan have her baby in some unusual location? Will the parents make it into the hospital?

Inappropriate Office Behavior
That seems to be what we can expect when Bones returns later in the spring. Apparently (as reported by TVLine), Carla Gallo’s squintern character, Daisy, will be back on the job — and she will be back to some non-work behavior with Sweets. Stephen Nathan, Bones‘ executive producer, is quoted as saying: “They’re up to what they shouldn’t be in Brennan’s office.”

Are we looking at another example of this?


Bones Folk Head to The Finder
Thanks to their show’s extended hiatus during the winter, more than one member of the Bones team will be venturing over to The Finder. David Boreanaz (Booth) will be directing one episode (which will guest star rapper 50 Cent), and both John Francis Daley (Sweets) and TJ Thyne (Hodgins) will bring their characters to the new show.

The arrival of Hodgins should be especially amusing, considering that rumors claim that conspiracy theories will dominate in the episode. Hodgins will team up with The Finder‘s Water Sherman (Geoff Stults) in order to find something that nobody in the government even believes could exist (as reported by TVLine).

Or maybe the government just wants people to think that the object doesn’t exist? I assume that’s the theory that a conspiracy junkie (Hodgins) and a paranoia-stricken detective (Walter) are going with.

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Both Bones and The Finder will air on Thursday, January 12.

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