Amanda Seyfried has come a long way.  Starting off as a child model, she ventured into the world of show business first by recurrently appearing on soaps like As the World Turns and All My Children.  Then she made her way to the big screen by portraying a ditzy “Plastic” in Mean Girls, which eventually led to her role as a doomed high-school beauty on Veronica Mars and her current small screen gig as Sarah Henrickson on HBO’s Big Love.  Now, she takes the center stage as she leads the film version of the musical Mamma Mia!, which will hit theaters on July 18.

As the cover girl of Teen Vogue‘s August 2008 issue, Seyfried talks about her upcoming movie and gives her insight into the nature of some of the tabloid’s regular targets.

When Seyfried first moved to New York half a decade ago, all she wanted to do was sing. Eventually, however, she became fond of acting.

“I lived and breathed singing,” the Big Love actress recalled.  “But then when I started acting, that was just it.”

On the other hand, she had a lot of insecurities as a budding actress.

“I just didn’t think I could do it… I’d see myself on a monitor and I would be like, Eww.  Who wants to see me?  Who wants to listen to that voice?  I had no trust in myself that I was made for this,” she said.

But Seyfried’s lack of confidence started to fade as she got more projects, especially with her exposure on Big Love and her new movie Mama Mia! where she plays the lead.

“I was shocked when I got the role [for Mama Mia!]… Shocked.  For someone to put their trust in me, to put all of this responsibility on me, is kind of awesome.”

While fame didn’t come instantly for Seyfried, she’s learned a lot from those people who have basked in the glow of stardom at a young age.

“You never know what to expect from somebody who’s young and successful.  It can really go either way.  I’ve met some people who are just so freaking distraught and who don’t know how to handle it, and I’ve met some who have their head on straight and are really happy.  You try to stick around them,” she said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Teen Vogue
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Kris De Leon

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