Let the Prison Break spoilers keep rolling in! Season 4 of Prison Break kicks off September 1st with a 2 hour premiere. Let’s recap everything we know so far. Don’t worry, we’re only discussing what is common knowledge. Season 4 is featuring several new cast members, including Michael Rapaport (The War At Home), Cress Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Sasha Alexander (Dawson’s Creek), and newcomer James Hiroyuki Lee. With Michael on the other side of Sona’s walls and a fugitive, he chooses not to run this time. Instead, he turns his attention to The Company and unleashes his wrath upon them, determined to make them pay for killing Sara. This week, more spoilers hit the internet with details about the first few episodes of season 4.


In the first episode of season 4, Michael’s tattoos will be addressed. As BuddyTV previously reported, our anti-hero will have his tats removed this season. They have served their purpose, helping him escape from Fox River in season 1, and it’s time that he let them go. If anybody hoped for Gretchen to experience a slow and painful death, it won’t be happening early in the season. In episode 5, she’s still alive and kicking but she’s being held by a character named Wyatt.

Agent Lang will make a return this season, presumably in Mahone’s storyline. Speaking of, is he working for The Company or Michael? We’re still not sure. “There will be times when there might be some conflict but Michael and Mahone have an understanding and a hesitant respect of each other and what the other can do,” SpoilerTV reported. “Lincoln and Mahone will be more interesting but they may even find something to bring them closer together”. As for what happened to Westmoreland’s money, well, the Panamanian government found it and dispersed to its police and soldiers. Looks like Michael and his A-Team are out of luck.

Rumors swirled that Prison Break was in danger of being cancelled, with the show not being listed in the 2009 lineup. No so, says SpoilerTV. Season 4 will run the way season 3 did, with the first half of the episodes running in the fall and then taking a break, while Dollhouse and 24 air. Prison Break will return in the late spring to finish out season 4.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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