Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy

(Two FOX Executives sit in a screening room watching “When Beavers Attack II: The Reckoning?)

FOX Executive #1: Hey, I have a good idea for show.

FOX Executive #2: Does it involve exploiting people?

FOX Executive #1: Of course. We take two families that are complete opposites (intelligent and simple, white and black, pious and morally corrupt) and then we have them trade moms for a week. Chaos ensues.

FOX Executive #2: Hmm. Good idea, but I worry that it might turn into a valuable social experiment, juxtaposing the merits of opposing family values and making insightful comments on the state of the American family. No one will watch that.

FOX Executive #1: You’re right. We’ll have to make sure we cast families that are completely insane.

FOX Executive #2: And stupid.

FOX Executive #1: Right. And stupid.

Trading Spouses is proof that FOX cares very little about the intelligence of their audience and continues to bank on shock value and watching-a-car-wreck mentality to find viewers.