Danny Noriega was booted off American Idol last night.  It wasn’t a big surprise.  His sassy and flamboyant performances were not big hits with the audience or the judges, though the on line community did turn little Danny into a somewhat buzz worthy persona.  Whether you liked Danny or not, he was a big personality and he brought a lot of Danny-ness to the stage every time he was on TV.  Some thought that Danny would become this season’s Sanjaya Malakar, but unfortunately for Danny, there was someone else this season who stood to take the teenage female vote and his name was David Archuleta.  Even though Danny is now gone from the Idol competition, he lives on in infamy.  Earlier this week, TMZ got a hold of a MySpace video recorded by Danny in high school.  It’s a Christmas video, but Danny shows little holiday cheer. 

It turns out that Danny was moved to a high school for at-risk kids a few years back, and I guess this is somehow a strike against him.  I would disagree.  High school is hard for everyone, and must be especially so for an openly gay kid like Danny.  High schoolers are notoriously closed-minded and homophobic and the anger Danny shows in his video isn’t shocking to me whatsoever.  I have friends who went to at-risk schools, and all it means is that they either had trouble with grades or a few behavioral issues.  From what we saw of Danny on American Idol, he seems like a pretty together guy at this point.  He just had some bumps along the road in high school.

On to the video.  Since BuddyTV is a family website, I don’t think we can show the video, but the comment that is getting the most press involves Santa Claus doing awful things to all of our mothers.  Danny tells whoever the video is meant for that he hopes that Ol’ St. Nick “rapes” their mothers.  Clearly, this is meant in jest, because 1) we all know that Santa Claus is asexual and his union with Mrs. Claus is a sham marriage and, 2) Even if Santa Claus wanted to violate our mothers, he doesn’t have the time. 

You can find the video at TMZ.com. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV