It was a good day for Big Brother.  That is, if you like Evil Dick and don’t particularly care for Joe.  If you feel the opposite, then I fear you were likely disappointed by the night’s outcome.  Nevertheless, this evening’s live eviction episode of Big Brother didn’t contain a whole lot of new content.  There was a lot of filler involved in the proceedings.  For one, the live voting was drawn out on either end of a commercial break and Chen spent a lot of time doing inane live interviews with the houseguests.  But, that’s how these things go sometimes.  Shall we get our recap on?

Joe Hits the Campaign Trail

Once Joe replaced Daniele up on the block, he almost immediately began campaigning for votes.  His pleas ended up being completely fruitless, and he didn’t make much ground with anyone.  At one point, he even tried to have a heart-felt discussion with Dustin in an attempt to get his vote.  Dustin, to his credit, saw through this and told him off.  The “vote to evict Dick” sentiment eventually got some traction, but it wasn’t because of Joe.

Kail Receives the Dick Call-Out Special

Kail has become very paranoid.  She began sensing that Dick was going to go after her and her alliance as soon as he could, so she started her quest to get Dick eliminated this week.  She knew she had her closest ally Mike on board.  She could probably get Zack, she thought.  Maybe Jameka.  Maybe Jessica. Maybe Nick.  One more person she needed was Daniele, and to try and woo her vote, Kail sat Daniele down and tried to guilt-trip her into voting her father out on the issue of him being a bad parent.  It was kind of a scumbag move by Kail.  Daniele saw right through her (she is smarter than she looks, folks) and secretively tells her dad that Kail is gunning for her.  The next day, Dick calls out Kail in front of everyone for trying to get him ousted.  It’s funny, uncomfortable, and it’s nice to have someone with the stones to call out a 37-year old mother of three for her deception.  Good times.

Nate, the Home-Wrecker

In the only segment about the back home lives of the houseguests, we meet Nate, the man that came between Dustin and Joe.  He doesn’t say a whole lot, is pretty vague, but he makes it clear that Joe has done a lot of awful things to Dustin and that Dustin is generally in the right in any area of contention between the two. 

Goodbye, Joe

By a vote of 9-1, Joe was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Unfortunate for Joe, but his interview with Julie is amusing because he’s clearly pissed off that Dustin is still in the house and we get to see his reaction to the fact that Eric is America’s Player.  We’ll have an exclusive interview with Joe up on BuddyTV tomorrow afternoon.

Today, We Spell Redemption D-I-C-K

The Head of Household competition was nothing special, with Julie asking True/False questions to the houseguests.  If you got the question wrong, you were eliminated.  Dick, Daniele and Mike were the final three competitors and had to move to a tie-break round.  The tie-break question was:  Rounding up to the hour, how long has Jen had her unitard on?

Daniele guessed 145, Mike guessed 108 and Dick guessed 120.  The answer was 125 and Dick won.  Boy, was he excited.  You have to believe that Kail and Jen will be the ones going up on the block, although Dick might be smart to lay off Kail and just put Jen out of her misery. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer(Image Courtesy of RealityTV Magazine)

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