Big Brother leads a double life.  On one hand is the actual CBS broadcast of Big Brother.  On three times a week, its editing provides a somewhat skewed perception of the realities of the house, both in the portrayal of houseguests and the chronology of events.  On the other hand is the live feeds.  The live feed watchers know what houseguests are really like (see: Eric and Dick), know the outcomes of competitions before everyone else, and have a good feel for who will be evicted come Thursday.  This is basically a long way of saying that, although I do know who will be eliminated tonight, I won’t ruin it for those who want to remain surprised. 

Will it be Dick or Joe?  I’ll be here throughout the hour giving live updates as the show moves along.

Game on!  Nick is such a freaking cornball, it’s insane.  The key to his heart stunt made me vomit in my mouth.  If Jen wasn’t so despicably hot, the unitard would probably make me vomit as well.

Please, God of Big Brother, please let us be back here one week from today watching Jen go home.  I can’t take much more of her.

Dustin is ecstatic that Joe is on the block.  Duh.  Joe feels like he’s screwed against Dick.  Dick feels like he has the votes easily.  Hmm.

We get a long montage of Joe campaigning for votes.  It’s, predictably, a little pathetic. 

Eric has been told to vote to evict Joe.  Easy for him.

Kail gets a hair-brained scheme to vote out Dick.   She tries to rally the troops against Dick.  In a pretty awful move by Kail, she tries to play to Daniele’s emotions by talking crap about Dick’s parenting skills.  Daniele sees right through it, thankfully, and even tells her dad that Kail is campaigning against him.  This leads to Dick, later on, calling Kail out in front of everyone (Kail had previously made an agreement with Dick that they would be honest with each other).  Dick is just a call-out specialist.  I love it.

The swing votes, as far as I can tell: Zach, Jameka, Jessica, and Nick.

Julie CHen begins talking to the houseguests on live TV.  We talk to Daniele, and she’s pretty well-spoken.  We talk to Amber about how much she cries.  We talk about Magnus and Cragnus.  We talk to Jessica about Jen’s unitard. 

Time to talk with Nate, the man who came between Joe and Dustin.  Moral of the story: Joe is not to be trusted, he’s mostly in the wrong in anything to do with him and Dustin, and Joe has wronged Dustin in a number of ways.  Pretty much what everyone has observed throughout the season. 

Time to talk with Jen by herself in the HoH room, so she can be honest.  Jen has nothing of significance to say.  

Time to talk with the nominees.  Joe is more confident than he probably should be.  Dick is Dick.

The live votes are now being cast one by one.

Dustin: Evict Joe
Daniele: Evict Joe
Eric: Evict Joe
Amber: Evict Joe

And we got to a commercial break before more voting.  Last week, they didn’t show the votes.  Do you think they had a little footage to work with this week?

Kail: Evict Dick
Jameka: Evict Joe
Mike: Evict Joe

And now it’s official, but the votes keep coming.

Nick: Evict Joe
Jessica: Evict Joe
Zach: Evict Joe

Wow, Kail.  You’re all by yourself.  Even Mike voted to evict Joe.  That’s rough. Joe hugs everyone except Dustin.  That was expected, I suppose.

Time for Joe to speak with Julie.  Joe is super-pissed about Dustin still being in the house.  By the way, Joe is dressed up nice, which was a clear indication that he was heading home.

Julie shows Joe the tape of Eric crawling into bed with him and explains the America’s Player twist.  He is very, very surprised.  The goodbyes from the fellow houseguests are more terse than usual.  Joe really rubbed people the wrong way.

HoH competition up after the commercial.

The competition is called “Getting Schooled”.  Julie will ask a bunch of True/False questions.  Wrong answer, you’re eliminated.  You get the idea.

Dustin ousted first.   Jameka, Eric, Zack and Jessica are out next.  Kail out next.  Yikes, I bet Kail wanted it bad.

Amber and Nick gone next. 

Tiebreaker between Mike, Daniele, and Dick. 

Dick wins and he is PUMPED.  I’m guessing that Kail and Jen will be put up.  Say what you will about them, but Dick and Daniele aren’t dummies.  They’re going to be a force in the challenges throughout the whole season. 

Dick is Head of Household.  This is awesome.  Next week is going to be very fun.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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