Every competition matters on Big Brother 18 now that there are only five HGs remaining. Following Natalie’s eviction, Paul, James, Nicole and Corey began the next HoH competition, running back and forth on a slippery surface to fill a bowl with water. There’s a second, smaller bowl to fill to get a bigger scoop. Who emerged victorious and what will they do with the power?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

The Slip ‘n’ Slide competition is a classic on the show. In recent years it was won by Becky, Caleb, Aaryn/Jeremy, Shane and Jeff. Last year James did not compete in it as he was the outgoing HoH. On season 16, Caleb won it with Frankie and Christine the closest while Nicole was way behind.

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The stakes are pretty clear. James has already said he wants to throw the competition because he feels safe between two couples. With Nicole’s track record, this competition boils down to a battle between Paul and Corey. If Corey wins, he’ll nomiate Paul and Victor, wanting a Final 3 with James and Nicole. If Paul wins, he could nominate Nicole and Corey, though he might put up one of them (probably Corey) and James, staying true to the Final Four. The only certainty is that if Paul doesn’t win, he or Victor will be evicted in fifth place.

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Here is my live blog for the HoH competition.

6:52pm: The competition begins on the episode. James and Nicole both go for the smaller bowl while Paul and Corey go right for the big one. Corey gets off to a big lead with his long legs and stride.

7pm: When the episode ends, Corey is still jogging while Paul is struggling. This is over, it’s just a matter of waiting for Corey to win.

7:03pm: The feeds are back. James seems to be way behind for the smaller bowl. He’s definitely throwing it, or he’s just really bad.

7:05pm: James has given up on the small bowl and is just going for the big one.

7:06pm: James is taking a lot of breaks. He doesn’t even seem to care.

: Paul falls. He seems to be the only one falling.

7:09pm: Paul falls again. James is taking another breather.Victor points out that Corey makes this competition look easy.

7:10pm: Paul is actually going for the small bowl to get the big scoop.

7:12pm: Nicole appears more than halfway done with the small bowl, Paul is less than halfway there. James doesn’t even seem to be trying at all.

7:13pm: Paul is really struggling. Corey has this easily while Nicole will probably be second.

7:16pm: Paul is crawling back up the lane. Nicole is way ahead on the small bowl while Corey is cruising without a problem.

7:18pm: Less than 30 minutes in and Paul and James are out of it while Corey and Nicole are running strong.

7:20pm: Paul is going back and forth between the big bowl and the small bowl.

7:26pm: Corey is almost halfway through his big bowl. Nicole is almost there with the small bowl.

7:28pm: Nicole’s small bowl is full, but she’s having trouble getting the ball.

7:30pm: Nicole gets the ball from the small bowl and she has the Big Scooper!

7:32pm: Corey is about halfway done after 40 minutes. Paul is still struggling, falling and dropping the liquid.

7:34pm: Paul is about three-quarters through the small bowl.

7:37pm: James is WAAAY behind Corey. Paul and James keep having to crawl back up the hill.

7:39pm: Paul is barely getting any liquid to the bowl. Corey is so far ahead it’s not even funny. This comp is basically over.

7:45pm: Paul has resorted to sliding down the slope on his butt.

7:48pm: Nicole has a big fall right as she reaches the bowl and drops all her liquid.

7:50pm: Corey is three-quarters done and no one is even close to him.

7:54pm: Nicole seems to have passed James with the big bowl, but they’re both less than halfway done.

: Corey is basically all filled up.

8:05pm: Paul can’t get the ball out of his small bowl. He’s basically given up since he knows Corey has already won it.

8:06pm: Corey can touch the ball. James has completely stopped.

8:07pm: Corey gets the ball from the big bowl.

Corey is the new HoH!

Well, here we go again. Despite having a Final Four alliance with Paul and Victor, he and Nicole have already talked about a Final 3 with James. So he’s almost certainly going to turn on Paul and Victor and put them on the block, stabbing them in the back like everyone has done all season.


-Corey is the 20th HG to win five HoH/PoV competitions in a single season, joining Paulie from this year.

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