Jatalie is on the block on Big Brother 18 and, unless the Power of Veto changes something, they will be separated on Thursday. Seeing as how the PoV hasn’t been used five out of the last seven times, the trend is definitely to keep things the same this season.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Corey Won the Power of Veto>>

He did NOT use it.

Once again, it’s another dull week. At this point, there’s very little campaigning to do and it’s just all about the competitions. However, despite James being the initial target, it has shifted dramatically to Natalie.

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Corey and Nicole really want to keep James, knowing that he would be less likely to target them next week. However, it’s unclear if they want to work with him and betray Paul and Victor next week, or if keeping him is just an insurance policy. Paul and Victor, meanwhile, have been convinced to keep him because he’s not as good at competitions as Natalie, so it will be easier to beat him.


-This is the seventh time the Power of Veto has not been used this season. That’s the second most times ever, behind season 3 (the first time the PoV was introduced), when it was not used eight times.

-Corey is the 11th HG to win the Power of Veto and not use it twice in one season.

-Nicole will now survive 12 evictions without ever being nominated, something only two other people have ever done: season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur and season 17’s Austin Matelson.

-Nicole is only the eighth player to reach the Final 5 without ever being nominated. Derrick is the only other person to do it in the last decade. Nicole is only the third woman to do this, the others being season 3 runner-up Danielle Reyes and season 6’s April Lewis. The others to do it are season 2’s Bunky and Hardy, season 3’s Jason Guy and season 5 winner Drew Daniel.

-This Thursday will be Nicole’s 11th consecutive time casting a vote. No one has ever voted that many times in a row. In fact, only eight other HGs have ever cast that many eviction votes in an entire season.

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-As of today, James and Nicole have spent the second and third most days as an HG on Big Brother ever. Monday is Day 83, and combined with James’ 78 days last season, he’s at 161 days while Nicole, with her 71 days on season 16, is at 154 days. Janelle Pierzina holds the all-time record with 177 days across three seasons (6, 7 and 14) while Mike “Boogie” Malin is now in fourth place at 153 combined days on seasons 2, 7 and 14.

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