The game is getting back to normal after a premiere that featured four competitions and an eviction followed by the new Road Kill. The Wednesday episodes of Big Brother 18 are still all about the Power of Veto competition and whether one of the three nominees can save himself (because, for the first time ever, there are three men currently sitting on the nomination couch).

More importantly, we have Jozea in the house (at least until tomorrow). And if you thought he couldn’t get any more delusional, this entire episode shows how he thinks he knows everything, but he really knows nothing. Move over season 16’s Devin, because Jozea is now the worst player of all-time and the editors make a point of showing us why throughout the whole episode.

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You Know Nothing, Jozea

After Paul was nominated, Jozea quickly figured out that Michelle is the one who did it because she didn’t look up during the Road Kill ceremony. Of course we know he’s dead wrong because it was Frank. Jozea brags to his team (Victor, Paul, Bronte and Natalie) about his brilliant deduction. However, everyone in the 8Pack knows Frank won it, so they just sit quietly and laugh to themselves about how clueless Jozea is.

Jozea is confident he controls the entire house and he wants to make sure Paulie gets evicted because he’s related to a veteran player. Paul is worried that Bridgette is too close to Paulie, making him not trust her. Bronte and Natalie confer and decide that the Spy Girls have to stick with the dumb boys (Jozea, Victor and Paul) for now, but turn on them when they all get to the Final 6. The only problem is that Bronte really, really, really loves looking at Paulie’s perfect butt.

Later, Jozea recruits Frank to be a part of his group and in one conversation Jozea refers to himself as a CEO, the glue and the Messiah. He believes he knows exactly what everyone in the house is thinking because he observes. Frank, and all of us, just sit back and laugh.

The Power of Veto Competition

Da’Vonne and Corey are picked to play, which makes 8Pack happy. The  players are dressed like dogs and Corey makes Nicole’s tail wag. They must stack 40 dog bones after spinning around 15 times, but they only have 45 seconds and must run back to hit a button before the time runs out or they’re eliminated.

Nicole and Corey get very dizzy and fall all over. Da’Vonne structure collapses and Jozea is overly confident. But Paul has the best strategy, wedging a bunch of bones between the two poles and then just throwing all the other bones on top once he has a stable base.

Paul wins the Power of Veto!

It’s interesting that they did a competition so similar to the sand castle stacking one from the first night. A lot of these competitions seem to involve some type of balancing component.

Pranks and Siblings

James is still up to his old pranks, this time bringing in Corey, Paulie and Frank to help him put shaving cream on the hand and beard of a sleeping Paul.

Speaking of rehashing things from last season, Tiffany tells Paulie that she’s Vanessa’s sister in order to earn his trust down the road since they’re both siblings of former players.

Jozea’s House Meeting

Jozea decides to call a house meeting to discuss his plan to evict Paulie. He invites Victor, Paul, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and the Spy Girls. Da’Vonne gets Zakiyah and, in the process, informs her whole alliance about it because they all know it’s a big joke. James sees it happening and follows inside. The Spy Girls ask Bridgette to skip the meeting and go upstairs to spy on Nicole in the HoH room.

Jozea’s “secret” house meeting that EVERYONE knows about takes place and it’s one of the funniest moments in the show’s history. He’s wearing his dog costume from the PoV competition and compares himself to Obama while telling everyone that they need to vote out Paulie and stay one big happy family. James, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah bite their tongues and the fact that they don’t laugh in his face is impressive.

As if that’s not bad enough, Bronte tells everyone that Bridgette is upstairs spying for them, which isn’t very stealthy. And Bridgette is a bad double agent because she seems genuinely annoyed with Jozea’s delusions.

After the meeting, Paulie confronts Jozea about it and he denies throwing Paulie under the bus while gloating about calling as many house meetings as he wants.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Since so many people have immunity this week, Frank, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette and Michelle are the only HGs eligible to replace Paul. This makes Bridgette freak out, but she’d probably be even more worried if she knew Frank won Road Kill and he’s in an alliance with Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Michelle. Bridgette is the only option.

Bridgette is secretly nominated by Frank.

Jozea looks shocked. Wait, something happened in the house that he didn’t know about? But he’s the all-knowing Obama Messiah! The episode ends with Jozea certain he’s staying while the majority knows otherwise.

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