Nicole wants to take out Big Meech on Big Brother 18. After the Power of Veto ceremony, is her plan still the same or have things changed in the house?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

Nicole Won the Power of Veto>>

She did NOT use it.

It looks like Big Meech is about to be evicted. James, Natalie and Michelle are still under the impression that Paul is the target, but that’s largely due to the fact that they’ve barely talked to Nicole or Corey all weekend.

Paul and Victor, on the other hand, have spent a lot of time bonding with Nicorey. In particular, Corey seems to really enjoy bro-ing down with the Sitting Ducks, especially since he and Victor are Have-Nots together this week.

Nicole and Corey have occasionally considered taking out Paul, but it only lasts a short time before they come back to Michelle needing to be the target. In fact, they’re actually worried that Victor may vote to evict Paul, so Corey is planning on using his BB Bribe on Victor to ensure that he votes to evict Michelle. That’s going to happen anyway, but it could be a nice gesture to solidify the Final 4.


-Nicole and James will both survive 11 eviction votes without ever being nominated. Season 17’s Austin Matelson (12 votes) and season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur (15 votes) are the only other HGs to do this.

-This is the sixth time the Power of Veto has not been used this season. That has only happened in four other seasons: in seasons 4, 8 and 16 it wasn’t used six times and in season 3 it wasn’t used eight times.

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