For the third time in five weeks on Big Brother 17, there are two women in power. But this time it’s not two members of the Sixth Sense. Instead, Vanessa is an HoH for the second time alongside Jackie, whose Amazing Race partner got backdoored by Vanessa a week ago. Are they on the same page or not?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay.

Jackie nominated James and Liz.

OK, this is a very different kind of week, especially since Clay and Liz have never been nominated before. There’s a big plan to backdoor Austin this week and almost everyone is working together against him. Now that Audrey is gone, there’s a lot of game to get to.

The plan is for James to throw the Battle of the Block to keep Jackie in charge and dethrone Vanessa. This is why Clay and Becky are OK going on the block on Vanessa’s side. Jackie and Vanessa pulled Jason, Meg and James up to the HoH room and told them about the plan, asking one of them to volunteer to be the pawn to throw it. No one really wanted to do it, but it came down to the fact that James nominated Jackie in week 1, so she’s just putting up the two people who put her up.

The idea is for the PoV to get used on James so Jackie can backdoor Austin. If Liz wins it, Austin would still go up against James. The worst-case scenario is Austin getting picked to play and winning the PoV, in which case Steve is the secondary backdoor option.

So now we have yet another 8-person alliance working together on this plan. This time it’s Jackie, Becky, Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Jason, Meg and James, with James coming up with the name Dark Moon. Apparently that’s a name Audrey wanted to use, so they all love the irony of using it now that she’s gone.

It’s also worth noting that Julia has been in the house since Wednesday night. She’s the one who competed for HoH and got nominated, but they’ll switch before the BoB, so it will be Liz who has to compete.

Austin’s Big Mistake

It all started Wednesday night when Austin attempted to win over Jason by talking to him about the twins. He told Jason that he really likes one of them and that, even though they can’t officially confirm the twist, he knows that the one he doesn’t like is named Julia. Austin added that he just wants to make it to the jury with Liz, so after the twins come in, he’s OK with Jason and others targeting Julia first.

Jason then went to Meg and Shelli to tell them about this, also including Clay and Vanessa (though obviously Clay, Shelli and Vanessa already knew about Julia). This infuriated Vanessa because Austin didn’t clear it with the rest of the Sixth Sense first. Also, Austin has since lied about it, not telling Julia or Vanessa that he confirmed it to Jason by using Julia’s name. As we saw with Jeff and Audrey, Vanessa HATES when people lie to her, so she’s now done with Austin.

Vanessa even told Julia about Austin’s betrayal and that he spilled her name to Jason and gave him permission to target her over Liz. This pissed Julia off and she told Vanessa she wouldn’t tell her sister about it, even though she also admitted that Liz isn’t even into Austin. In addition, Julia told Vanessa that Austin was the one vote to keep Audrey, using it to frame Steve. She even told her about his wrestling alter ego of Judas being the one to cast the votes.

Later, Jason also informed Jackie and James about the name Julia in front of Meg and Vanessa. And Jackie mentioned it to Becky.


-This is the first time Johnny Mac is not nominated. After playing in all 13 competitions so far, the upcoming Battle of the Block will be the first one he doesn’t play in.

-With Clay and Liz/Julia going on the block, this means Austin, Shelli and Vanessa are the only HGs who haven’t been nominated.

-This is James’ third consecutive nomination. Jason also had three consecutive nominations while John had four consecutive nominations.

-With Becky going on the block, this means her, Jackie, Meg, Steve, Jason, James and John all have multiple nominations.

-No matter who stays HoH, this will be the fourth week in a row that a woman has remained the permanent HoH. This is only the fifth time in the show’s history that women won HoH four weeks in a row. The other times were seasons 5, 8, 10 and 13. In season 13, women actually won six times in a row.

-Meg is the only woman left in the game who hasn’t won HoH.

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