The Big Brother 15 cast has been announced, and it’s full of 16 new strangers! I know, it’s kind of shocking. The twists, however, will come in the form of three HGs being nominated each week and a new MVP that America votes on every week who will have a mysterious special power.

To help decide who should be the first MVP, CBS has video interviews with all the new HGs. First up, let’s meet the ladies.

The most noteworthy HG is obviously Elissa Slater, aka Rachel Reilly’s sister. Sadly, I suspect that connection will probably result in her being the first MVP for absolutely no other reason than some fans actually like Rachel.

The women also boast the two oldest HGs this season at 37 and 32. That’s right, a 32-year-old woman is the second-oldest contestant this year.

Anyway, check out the videos to figure out who your favorite will be.. Then you can vote for who should be the first MVP. (Please do NOT vote for Elissa.)

Elissa Slater

She’s the sister of Rachel Reilly, aka the person I hate the most in the history of Big Brother. And she sounds and looks like her. I’m sorry, Elissa, you might be a nice person, but based solely on your bloodline, I hate you and hope you get evicted first. It makes my blood boil that she’s even on this show. Big Brother needs to end its love affair with Rachel and her family. They already rigged season 13 so Rachel could win, isn’t that enough?

Candice Stewart

She works with special needs kids and was also an NFL cheerleader and she competed for Miss USA. Huh, this interview is fascinating because she’s like an onion, peeling back layers. She kind of reminds me of a more girly Jenn Arroyo, which probably makes her my favorite female HG based on these interviews.

Aaryn Gries

She’s a big fan of the show, but the moment she says “I’m not gonna jeopardize my values or morals,” she loses me. There’s no room in this game for values and morals. She also seems like she only wants to do this to become one of those fake reality show celebrities. I suspect she’ll annoy me.

GinaMarie Zimmerman

She’s a Staten Island pageant coordinator who seems quite loud and abrasive. She’s certainly going to rub people the wrong way simply because Southern ladies (of which there are five) don’t typically get along with New York attitude (see: JoJo from last season).

Amanda Zuckerman

She’s a Florida real estate agent originally from New York who is going to use sex appeal to succeed in the house. Ugh. Has she ever watched this show? Wearing skimpy bikinis is not a strategy that works. And people are going to see right through her pathetic attempts to flirt and it will make them not trust her and send her home early. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the first one out.

Jessie Kowalski

She’s a cute, unemployed Texas girl who is inevitably going to get into a showmance. She also seems dim as a 15-watt light bulb. She’s probably going to be a useless floater who accomplishes nothing all season long, but gets dragged far because she’s likeable and not a threat.

Kaitlin Barnaby

She’s a bartender who says she’s a newcomer to the show, which means she watched last season and probably doesn’t know anything else. I typically don’t like these kinds of people because I want contestants to be familiar with the game’s history. But she seems kind of tough and will probably bond with the dudes. I might like her.

Helen Kim

At 37, she’s the oldest houseguest of the season (and one of only three over 30). She’s a married political consultant, and I’m going to be shocked if she makes it to the jury.

So those are the eight women of Big Brother 15. As always, the show is heavy on sexy southern ladies (see Jordan, Britney, Danielle, etc). I’ll be curious to see if tough New Yorker Gina Marie and old maid Helen can connect with the other gals. Most importantly, how long will it take before people recognize Elissa as Rachel’s sister and send her home? My guess is two weeks, just like Willie last year, because she looks and sounds EXACTLY like Rachel. Anyone familiar with the show will easily make the connection.

Big Brother 15 premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8pm on CBS.

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(Image and videos courtesy of CBS)

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