Big Brother 15 is fast approaching and now Julie Chen is offering fans a tour of the new house which will be very exciting for anyone who’s sad that Mad Men is ending this Sunday. Don’t worry, the ’60s will live on.

The new house is inspired by the 1964 World’s Fair and Big Brother hostess Julie Chen repeatedly refers to the style as “mid-century chic.” It basically looks like what people in the ’60s thought the future would be. It’s very mod and cool and desperately makes me want to smoke a cigarette, drink a gimlet and slap a busty secretary on her butt while saying “Good job, toots.”

BB15 Tour with Julie by DreamersVids

There are cool designs, lots of airplane and arrow imagery and a nonfunctioning typewriter (which I’m sure at least one houseguest will spend hours examining for clues). However, the most important part of the tour is one very big difference in the living room.

Nomination Couch: In the living room, the two nomination chairs are GONE! Instead, there’s a couch which has lines and colors that seem to separate it into thirds. Does this mean that there will be THREE houseguests nominated for eviction each week? I think it does. And that’s definitely going to be an interesting twist that will change the game.

Familiar Face: Julie ends the video by saying that there will be 16 new houseguests, but there will be one “familiar face,” though it’s not what we think. That means it’s probably NOT a returning houseguest. Maybe it’s someone from another reality show (Survivor). Maybe it’s a celebrity. Or maybe it’s a twin of a past contestant.

Have-Not Room: This season will still have Have-Nots and while the room is locked, Julie teases us by saying “Imagine trying to sleep in this bedroom, but you can’t quite lie down.” I can only assume that means the beds aren’t exactly horizontal.

Other Changes: The bathroom now looks like a sauna, the lounge has blue airport runway lights in it (but no fortune teller or crane machine) and there’s an island in the kitchen. That’s definitely different from how they’ve done things in the past few seasons. It’s been a long time since I remember seeing a kitchen island in the house.

What do you think of the new Big Brother 15 house? Will there be three nominees each week? I previously wrote about the Power Player twist, and maybe that’s what it is. Each week America votes for one houseguest to be the Power Player, and on the night of the live eviction show, the Power Player is revealed and they get to nominate a third HG.

Adding in a last-minute nominee could shake things up, especially once the HGs realize what’s happening and try to plan around it. Julie Chen has said the twist will make it a “no-floater summer,” and if HGs have to worry about being nominated even after the Power of Veto ceremony, it will make things far less comfortable for those long days in between the PoV and the live eviction.

This is all speculation, but we won’t need to speculate for much longer. Big Brother 15 premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8pm on CBS.

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(Image and video courtesy of ET)

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