The twist for Big Brother 15 is that each week America will vote for an MVP, and that person will anonymously get to pick the third nominee. In addition, if Power of Veto is used on the MVP’s nominee, the MVP will also get to pick the replacement nominee.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Elissa is the first MVP. At least, that’s what she told HoH McCrae Thursday morning. She’s either lying or self-delusional when she says she’s excited that America loves her, because it’s obvious the ONLY reason she won is that she’s Rachel’s sister.

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McCrae nominated Candice and Jessie, but now Elissa is chatting with him about who she should pick as the third nominee. You see, McCrae is in a secret alliance with Elissa and wants to work with her, but everyone else in the house wants her to be evicted and wants McCrae to backdoor her, which he has promised to do.

The plan is for Elissa to nominate someone who will definitely win the Power of Veto (most likely David) so that he wins and then Elissa can avoid getting backdoored by naming the replacement nominee. McCrae’s default plan is, if one of his nominees comes off the block, he would have to nominate Elissa, but at least she would be up against David, who McCrae thinks she could beat. Well, that’s what he tells her, but Elissa is right in saying that she’s almost definitely going home if she’s nominated.

The extended conversation between McCrae and Elissa perfectly illustrates everything I already hate about Elissa. She’s EXACTLY like Rachel, complaining about how she just wants to play the game and whining about how other girls (especially Aaryn) hate her for no reason. This is the same thing Rachel said about girls like Annie, Kristen, Britney and more in season 12. Elissa is already playing the martyr.

I’m hoping everyone keeps pressure on McCrae and Elissa gets backdoored and sent home. It’s painful for me to watch her doing the same things that Rachel did to make me hate her in the first place.

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