Big Brother 15 finally started to get great this week with Judd’s return, Elissa winning HoH and Amanda not getting her way for the first time all season. I suspect CBS knows this is the best week ever, which is why they’re doing everything in their power to make fans happy. Enter the Zingbot!

I know some people may think the snarky robot is dumb and annoying, but those people are idiots. Zingbot is my hero. Zingbot represents everything good and pure in society. He is the alpha and the omega, one of the most glorious creations in the history of mankind. Thank you, Big Brother 15, for giving me something to zing about.

Nomination Fallout

Aaryn is sad and McCrae is uneasy about finally losing power, but the real fallout comes from Amanda, who is furious that two members of her 3 A.M. alliance are on the block. When GinaMarie dares to be nice to Elissa, Amanda loses her mind and wants to punch GM in the face with brass knuckles.

Amanda then interrogates Elissa about what she’d do if Aaryn wins PoV. Elissa is noncommittal and evasive, which means she’s lying. She’s the world’s worst liar, so Amanda is suspicious. As bad as Elissa is when it comes to actually talking to people, Amanda is even worse, acting indignant that anyone would dare lie to her or not do exactly what she wants. She’s the kid who thinks she owns every toy, and if another kid starts playing with something, she runs over and steals it, even if she doesn’t want it.

This prompts Elissa to start to plot against Amanda, telling Judd she wants to backdoor her. Elissa then tells Aaryn about this plan. It’s a good idea, but this is NOT something you should be talking about before the Power of Veto. This is yet more proof that Elissa isn’t strategic enough to be great at this game.

Veto Player Drama

Elissa picks Amanda to play for the veto, and once again, Elissa is incapable of hiding her feelings. Aaryn gets Houseguest’s Choice and chooses Judd, which makes Amanda furious because she should’ve picked Andy. Why? Andy is more loyal to McCranda and would’ve saved McCrae, not Aaryn.

This leads to a fight between Amanda and Aaryn that happens while Amanda is in the shower…with McCrae. Gross. It’s yet another argument where Aaryn talks about doing what’s best for her, and Amanda says that doesn’t make any sense because it’s not what’s best for their alliance.

Amanda vs. Elissa

Later, Elissa and GM are talking in the kitchen and when Amanda walks by, they stop. This infuriates Amanda, so she calls them out on it and starts yelling at GM. It’s a great fight, with McCrae trying to drag Amanda away as Elissa just laughs about how ridiculous the situation is.

Afterwards Amanda and Elissa have a one-on-one where Amanda vents about how fake GM is for being nice to Elissa, claiming that she’s been Elissa’s friend the whole time. That’s just a giant lie. It’s kind of true that Amanda has always wanted to keep Elissa, but only because she hates her so much, thinks she doesn’t deserve to be there, and knows she could beat her at the end.

Amanda then asks if she’s going to be backdoored, and Elissa is vague, but then says “No.” Amanda demands to know the truth, and Elissa starts laughing. Amanda cries and her tears give me joy. Elissa should be laughing, because that’s what happens when you realize a bully doesn’t really have any power over you.


The Zingbot wakes everyone up and calls them all “losers.” He then proceeds to dole out some of the harshest zings ever.

The Zingbot calls out McCrae for letting Amanda wear the pants in their relationship. He says GM is like the chick from Fatal Attraction, Andy is a floater (which cuts him to his core), Aaryn is mean, Amanda has a tramp stamp and Elissa is a cheap imitation of Rachel. To use Amanda’s favorite word, it was “glorious.”

The Power of Veto Competition

It’s Baby Zingbot’s 1st birthday party, and it’s the typical competition where HGs must roll a ball back and forth 250 times across an inclined plane without dropping it.

There’s a lot of dropping by the HGs. GM drops her ball after about 50 times, then starts again. Judd drops after 164 and he’s so winded that he starts dry-heaving. That’s a great anti-smoking commercial.

Amanda, miraculously, does the best, slow and steady without ever dropping her ball. It actually comes down to her and GM, who comes back to within 10 away from Amanda despite having that first 50 deleted.

Unfortunately, it’s too little too late and Amanda, who has never won anything, wins the Power of Veto, allowing her to save McCrae. Man, she really DOES wear the pants.

Worst Case Scenario

Elissa is crestfallen because her plan to backdoor Amanda is now DOA. Aaryn is equally despondent, and Andy is worried because he’s smart enough to see that he could be in danger.

Amanda and McCrae are just happy that the McCranda Army is sticking around. Amanda thinks this is great, not realizing that her buddy Andy is freaking out.

Elissa laments how she’s going home next week because everyone who goes against Amanda goes home. Judd promises her that he’ll have her back.

Amanda’s Master Plan

Elissa smiles and acts like she’s OK with Amanda winning, making a joke about how she threw the competition. This pushes the wrong button on Amanda, so she goes nuclear, yelling in Elissa’s face about how much she sucks and how all of her botox is nasty. It’s awful, but they don’t even show the worst of it, when Amanda started making fun of Elissa’s husband and children.

This is allegedly part of Amanda’s “master plan” to get GM put up on the block. She wants to torture Elissa so that Andy can swoop in and be a shoulder for her to cry on so that Elissa will like Andy and want to keep him, thus forcing her to nominate GM instead.

Unfortunately, Elissa doesn’t tolerate bullies and all Amanda really accomplishes is making others (especially GM and Judd) realize what a disgusting, ugly, horrible person she really is.

Andy admits that he “despises” this behavior, but thinks it may be good for his game. He goes along with Amanda’s plan by telling Elissa he’s sorry, he’s her friend and he’s ashamed he was ever aligned with someone like Amanda. All of this was part of Amanda’s plan.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Amanda gets snarky by using Rachel’s “No one comes between me and my man” line before using the Veto on McCrae. Elissa responds by saying that Rachel is probably mortified that Amanda stole her line. Elissa then nominates Andy. Amanda gets in one last dig, calling Elissa “trash” before ending the ceremony.

Amanda then pronounces 3 A.M. dead, but says 2 A.M. will still be around. Not so fast, silly girl. That’s followed by the single greatest moment of the entire season. Better than GM eating fro-yo. Better than Aaryn drinking nail polish remover. In the diary room, Andy says:

“I need Amanda and McCrae’s loyalty this week, and in turn, I will NOT be giving them my loyalty from this point on. Because Amanda and McCrae have gotten me this far, but I’m not playing this game for third place and it’s time to get rid of them.”

HALLELUJAH! In the span of a few seconds, Andy may have gone from my least favorite HG to my most favorite.

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