The Big Brother 10 house is nicely divided between two solid alliances of four and three stragglers.  With Keesha as the new Head of Household, will she target the other alliance?  The stragglers?  Her own alliance, as her friend Steven said he would when we talked to him after his eviction?  I’ll be here throughout the episode with constant updates on tonight’s episode.

God bless the “previously on” Big Brother 10 packages, which cover the last three or four episodes and take up a whole bunch of time.  However, can CBS really not take 24/7 video feeds and turn them into three solid hours of good programming?

Michelle and Jerry take Steven’s “Suck it, bitches” comment to heart, which is stupid on their part.  I say that to my friends all the time.

Keesha blames Angie for Steven’s ousting, which is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard on this show since Natalie was evicted from Big Brother 9.

Renny is happy that Keesha won, while Dan brags about throwing another competition.  April is excited that they’ll get out another one of the stragglers, which just goes to show I know more about this game than she does, because she still thinks the Allince of 8 is solid and hasn’t devolved into two alliances of four.

Keesha immediately has everyone coming at her with suggestions for nominations.  Keesha wants to change the game and has no desire to put up Dan, Jerry or Renny.

The HoH room is all about Keesha’s dog Gizmo.  Keesha reads a letter from her mom and dad with Renny in the room.  The simple act of her parents being proud of her bring tears.  The Big Brother casting scouts must go out of their way to find the most emotional people in the country.

Renny and Keesha badmouth Libra.  April comes in and Keesha says she’s not going to target the stragglers.  Libra and Ollie join them and discuss the fact that Keesha wants Angie out and the rest of the group want Memphis as the other nominee.

Memphis is called in and is told that Angie is a huge threat.  Memphis assures Keesha that Angie is doing no such thing.  Angie uses her brains to see that Apil, Ollie and Libra have dug their claws into Keesha to break the Alliance of 8.  Keesha is stupid enough to think that conversation will stay between them.

Dan comes begging to Keesha about having no alliance, so they come to an agreement to keep each other safe.  Dan emphasizes his trustworthiness by saying he stuck by Brian even when he saw Brian was a sinking ship. I still think Dan is a bit of a slimeball, but I kind of admire what he’s doing right now.

Libra admits to targeting Keesha and Steven’s friendship, which makes me mad, because now Keesha thinks Angie was in charge of Steven’s eviction even when Libra admits she was responsible too.

Michelle loves to eat pig anuses and cow intestines.  She also relates some crazy Portuguese ritual of dressing dead pigs like a bride and groom and making them dance.  Please, Big Brother producers, give us more crazy Michelle.

The food competition is a ’60s sock hop.  A I the only one who doesn’t understand the ’60s retro theme for this season?

Pairs spin on records, digging through a pile of socks to find matching pairs to get food.

Lots of insanity ensues with yelling and socks.  It’s actually very boring to watch.  God, this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long.

Dan says Ollie and April remind him of The Honeymooners, expecting to hear: “April, I’m sending you to the moon.”  That’s a big swing and a miss for a Honeymooners quote, you idiot.

They win a bunch of stuff, including pig’s feet (which makes Michelle happy) and beer (which causes mass hysteria among all the houseguests).

Ollie and April bond over their mutual love for self-help books.  I hate both of these people so much and have absolutely no respect for their totally idiotic and simplistic views on life.  Also, to point out religious hypocrisy, I believe The Bible says, “God helps him who helps himself,” not “God helps him who seeks out assistance from a book full of cliches.”  Actually, now that I think about it, that sounds exactly like religion.  They then further my low opinion of them by using road signs to talk about life and relationships.

April tries to convince Keesha to put up Memphis because he already one a car, and she hypothesizes that America hates him.  Um, you are way off, girl.

Jessie tells Keesha to put up Libra because she is annoying and was key in evicting Steven.  Dangit, how am I supposed to rationalize agreeing with the dumbest person in the house?

Many keys are pulled out until Jessie and Angie are on the block.  She calls it personal because Jessie sent Steven home last week.  Um, no, in fact, he was the only person in the house (other than Dan) who DIDN’T vote to evict Steven.

Dan boasts about not being nominated, calling this his “coming out party.”  I think someone won’t be invited back to teach at an all-boys Catholic school if talk like that keeps up.  Angie then says “It’s on like Donkey Kong,” which I am on record as sating it’s one of my favorite expressions ever.  Please, don’t send Angie home!

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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