Long have I expressed my affinity for these Arbitrary Predictions.  As silly as it may seem, these Big Brother first impressions can be quite telling.  Quite often, the first impressions are right on.  The CBS casting people clearly bring in people to fill certain niches, and in doing so either further stereotypes or attempt to crush them.  Big Brother houseguests are just as often wildly different from their expected personas as they are exactly as you would assume.  Take Janelle or Daniele, two blondes who exceeded any reasonable expectations fans likely had when they first glimpsed their pictures and bios.  Then, there’s someone like Natalie from Big Brother 9, who acted exactly how you’d expect a bikini barista to act.  As for the Big Brother 10 cast, we won’t know whether they fit into the persona we’ve chosen for them until a at least a few episodes air.  With that in mind, let’s finish up our Big Brother 10 Arbitrary Predictions. 

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In case you missed part 1, I placed the thirteen houseguests into four separate alliances, which are as follows.

 The D-Bag Parade – Jessie, Dan, Memphis

The Coalition of Normal People – Libra, Brian, Steven

The Antique Club – Renny, Jerry, Ollie

The Legion of Temptresses – Keesha, April, Angie

Michelle was the Odd Woman Out and, as a result, she was the first HG evicted in my imaginary world.

7th Place – Angie

Jessie, upset with the fact that Angie has denied his advances throughout the entire season, will be in a vindictive mood when he wins his first Head of Household.  Though his alliance mate Dan will urge him to pick off one of the Normals, Jessie is a man possessed.  He will nominate Angie and Keesha, with Angie being his real target.  This will seal his own fate, unfortunately, as Keesha will become the fourth member of the Normal alliance. 

6th Place – Dan

And so goes the retaliation.  Jessie will win Power of Veto, and Dan will be evicted as a result.  Not that anyone in the house will mind.  Dan strikes me as a horribly insufferable human.  When you really despise a Big Brother houseguest, you kind of want them to make it far, if only so you can have someone to root against for weeks on end.  His ultra conservative (and sexist) leanings will make him an early enemy of the people, though he will hide behind the seemingly strong wall of the D-Bag Parade. 

5th Place – Brian

This is Jessie’s last hurrah.  Another HoH win, and he’ll end up nominating who he should have two weeks earlier.  Brian will be considered the bigger threat, not because he wins a ton of challenges, but because his likability scares the rest of the house – if Brian makes the final two, the jury will have no choice but to vote for him.  I suspect he’ll be nominated with Steven, and, if that’s the case, Brian will have a hard time campaigning against the gay cowboy, seeing as they’ll have become good friends over the course of the season. 

4th Place – Jessie

Goodbye, you big lug.  Jessie will be annoying, but naïve.  He isn’t particularly hatable, just young and dumb.  Kind of like all body builders.  Keesha will have gotten over her early season interest in Jessie – spending days on end with people opens your eyes to their deficiencies, of which Jessie will have many. 

3rd Place – Keesha

This is a no-brainer.  Though Libra and Steven will have taken a liking to the Hooters waitress, their bond is too strong.  Though both of the remaining two Normals realize that they probably have a better chance at winning the jury vote versus Keesha, they have to stay true to the alliance that got them this far.  Down goes Hooters. 

2nd Place – Libra

That leaves us with an intriguing jury vote.  For instance, who does Dan vote for?  Libra, a woman, who is his polar opposite when it comes to political beliefs.  Or Steven, whose gay-ness he’d probably like to oppress.  Libra, more outspoken, will have drawn the ire of too many jury members to win the final vote, though she will have more or less earned the universal respect of everyone in the game.  In a squeaker, Libra loses the final vote.

1st Place – Steven 

That’s right, I’m picking the gay cowboy to win it all.  Chalk it up.  You heard it here first. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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