A list counting down the best bromances TV has ever given us. Because who doesn’t love to watch the affection and admiration shared between two straight men?

#20 Drake and Josh

This bromance bonds nerdy, overweight Josh and cool, guitar-playing Drake as they avoid their sister Meghan and get through silly antics by each other’s side.

#19 Scooby and Shaggy

The ultimate scardy-cats, Scooby and Shaggy would do anything for a scooby snack and for each other.

#18 Tigh and Adama

Adama and Tigh’s relationship is indestructable, even when Adama finds out Tigh is a cyclone. They are best bros til the end.

#17 Will and Carlton

Will teased Carlton endlessly about his height and preppy style, yet these two were obviously much more than cousins. They looked out for each other no matter what, so much so that Will even took a bullet for Carlton.

#16 Tim and Al

Al was the shy, skillful counterpart to Tim’s over the top ideas and jokes. The two had a dynamic that made Tool Time a hit; Al’s "I don’t think so, Tim" became a line that defined the antics of this pairing.

#15 McDreamy and McSteamy

Though typically a question of McDreamy vs McSteamy, there’s no mistaking the bromance of these two. With their dreamy, steamy good looks, it’s no question that these two were meant to be involved.

#14 Jesse, Danny, and Joey

It was a threesome consisting of the comedian, the dad, and the motorcyclying daredevil. These three men made raising a family without a mom look like a simple stand-up routine.

#13 Alan Shore and Denny Crane

Denny broke off a marriage proposal because it would affect his relationship with Alan. That’s a testament of this pair’s devotion to each other.

#12 Chuck and Nate

These two men share everything together: looks, style, and even Blair, the one girl worth breaking up their bromance for.

#11 Hiro and Ando

Super-Hiro as Ando has called him, these two travel together to save the world. They’re an unstoppable pair, which is a integral quality to a long-term bromance.

#10 JD and Turk

It is an unmistakable bromance when two men give each other affectionate nicknames; Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear express their straight love in "My Musical."

#9 Michael and Dwight

Michael and Dwight: the star-crossed lovers of The Office. Dwight’s competitive nature interferes with his unmistakable loyalty to Michael.

#8 Chuck and Morgan

Chuck and Morgan not only share habits, but also their profession. Just look at that side-straddle hug – it’s a bromance alright.

#7 House and Wilson

While it isn’t obvious, there is a clear affection and respect shared between House and Wilson. Though the doctors are obviously opposites, it is Wilson’s ability to challenge House that ultimately bonds them in one tight bromance.

#6 Gus and Shawn

Nicknames are a true sign of best bro friendship and Shawn puts a lot of effort into coming up with new ones for Gus: Gus Sillypants Jackson, Gus TTshowbiz, Ovaltin Jenkins, etc.

#5 Cory and Shawn

The best of childhood friends, Cory and Shawn bromance their way into college and adulthood despite Shawn’s other-side-of-the-tracks upbringing. Cory always held onto the relationships that mattered to him, and this bromance arguably trumped the relationship between him and Topanga.

#4 Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza

An unconventional bromance for an unconventional TV show, Jerry and George were the best of friends. It wasn’t unusual for Jerry to be disgusted with George yet it was always George who got Jerry out of a tough situation, such as the roommate switch.

#3 Ryan and Seth

The geeky kid with no confidence and the bad boy without a family: it was the perfect beginnings for a boy meets boy bromance.

#2 The Cast of Entourage

The epitome of male camaraderie, Entourage is a show that is ultimately about defining male friendships. The fantasy lifestyle doesn’t define this group of guys; they have each other’s backs for always.

#1 Joey and Chandler

The epitome of bromance, Joey and Chandler are together so often that they’re practically a couple, even after Chandler marries Monica. They’re best friends above all other friends; poor Ross never stood a chance.


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