Previously on Beauty and the Geek, Jillian and Chris swapped teams and then played a brutal game of flag football, after which Jillian was sent home. Then, Mike Richards threw another twist into the show. Each beauty had to choose a partner from among the geeks to form the traditional beauty-geek pairs.

When last we saw her, Tara was about to choose between Jonathan and Joe to be her partner. Tonight’s Beauty and the Geek begins with her decision. She chooses…..Joe, who is now the happiest cowboy in the world. Good-bye, Jonathan! He’s looking forward to going home and seeing his mom.

After the elimination, the teams get to know each other. Tiffany instructs Jim on the difference between shampoo and conditioner and regular clothes versus pajamas. Tara is disappointed in Joe because of his snoring and his piggyness. Tommy is negatively surprised to learn that Amanda’s main objective is winning. Tommy, on the other hand, wants to learn from each other and that’ll help them win.

The teams gather in the library. Their challenges this week are all about science. The beauties will be choosing one of three science projects and presenting them in the very first Beauty and the Geek science fair. The geeks will be learning about the science of love, and they’ll be guest love gurus on Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s radio show, Loveline.

The teams get to work helping each other with their projects. Tara role plays with Tommy and Joe, pretending to call in about her sex problems. Tommy pretends to get embarrassed by the mention of the word sex. She also tries in vain to curb Joe’s loquaciousness.

The science fair gets underway. Kristina’s oral presentation is a little rough, and Amanda confuses magma and lava. Randi is confident that her project is the best out of all of them. Leticia has a really, really rough time, stumbling over her words. Cara uses a hard-boiled egg as a model of the earth’s layers. She actually does a great job, but her baby voice is hard to take seriously. The judges, two science professors from UCLA, choose Cara to be the winner because she was able to think on her feet and answer their questions the best. It was Jason’s idea for them to use the hard-boiled egg as a model, so he’s all “Doh!”

It’s the geeks turn to show to dispense love advice over the radio. Dr. Drew will be acting as judge for this challenge. Matt goes first. He does pretty well, but he is incapable of addressing the sex part of the caller’s question. Greg’s caller is a virgin who is about to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time. Her question is whether to wear a thong or a panty, and Greg advises her not to worry about what she’s wearing too much. Jason ends up talking more about himself than about the caller, but he’s very sincere and self-deprecating. Chris starts out doing well, but Dr. Drew shoots his advice down. Tommy gets a sex question but ends up answering the question well. Joe just talks and talks and talks and talks. He sure does love to hear himself talk. After each geek takes a turn, Dr. Drew says that Jason and Tommy are the best two, but the winner of the challenge is Tommy.

Afterwards at home, Jim asks Tiffany if he can kiss her, but she says no. She says she’ll think about it and they end up having a very sweet moment together. She’s proud of him for having the guts to ask her.

Tommy and Amanda, and Cara and Chris, as the two winning teams must each choose a team to send to the elimination room. At the stair ceremony, Cara picks Matt and Leticia. Tommy picks Jim and Tiffany.

Matt and Leticia start studying in preparation for the elimination. Matt writes a poem for her, folds it up and asks her to read it if they don’t make it out of the elimination room. Tommy seems like a nice guy because, despite choosing him to go to elimination, he tries to help him study. However, Jim is pissed off. If he survives elimination, Jim plans to send Tommy to elimination in a tit for tat maneuver.

The four contestants on the chopping block enter the elimination room. It’s the same quiz show style set up – the beauties get science questions and the geeks get relationship questions. The first team to get three questions right gets to stay in the house.

Leticia buzzes in first and knows about the Hubble telescope and the chemical structure of salt. Jim knows that the average American couple has sex 1.5 times a week and he knows that it’s not a deal breaker to want to have sex every day. So, it’s sudden death. The team who gets the next question right is safe. Leticia buzzes in and answers correctly that it was Mount St. Helens that erupted in 1980. Leticia is on fire, answering all three of her questions correctly! Unfortunately, Jim and Tiffany must go home. In their final interview, they exchange kisses on the cheek. Aww!

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