Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth and final season is well under way as far as production goes, but fans still face a daunting wait for the new episodes to air.  Thankfully, some respite in the hiatus will appear this fall in the form of “Razor,” a two hour Battlestar Galactica prequel that will focus on the adventures of the Battlestar Pegasus and her crew, including Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes).   What will season four bring us ones the series enters its run towards a planned ending?  Read on for rank speculation, and a few spoilers.

What everybody wants to know is if they will find Earth.  In a practical sense, the question should probably be what will they find when they get to Earth.  There are a lot of ways for this point in the story to fail.  Numerous scenarios such as ‘it turns out Galactica brings human life to Earth,’ on up to ‘they arrive in our day and age,’ seem contrived.

Of course, they could go The Sopranos route and not even show us what happens when they get there.  Or what about this one,  they get to ‘Earth’ and find out it was originally called Caprica and the inhabitants fled to a planet called ‘Earth,’ which was actually the planet they knew as Caprica.  Okay, moving on.’s report of a civil war within the Cylons could really reshape the series before it gets anywhere near Earth. Will there even be a pursuing Cylon force by the time they pull into our solar system, or will some of the Cylon fleet have actually joined up with the Colonials? 

And what of the fifth grand Cylon, and Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff)?  One in the same?  Maybe.  Maybe a little too predictable too. Ron Moore did tell that, at least for the time being, the fifth would be revealed and that Starbuck’s mysterious return would be explained in drips and drabs rather than a rushing geyser of exposition.

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