Unlike other cast members who have been disappointed to find out that their characters have turned into Cylons on Battlestar Galactica, Rekha Sharma seems to enjoy the twist in her character’s storyline.

Sharma, who portrays Tory Foster on Battlestar Galactica, opens up to MediaBlvd Magazine about her recurring role on the science fiction series that has taken the center stage as she got to roll around with Baltar (James Callis), discover she’s a Cylon and shot Cally (Nicki Clyne) out the launch bay.

“I think it’s an actors dream come true to have something as crazy as to wake up and discover that you are the enemy that you have been fighting and fleeing, in a very literal sense.  That’s pretty mind boggling from a story telling point of view, and what you have to do an actor to prepare for that.  Then on a metaphorical sense too, in the larger excitement of how awesome this is to tell a story in which we are telling the truth; that all of our enemies lie within.  That quote, you are your own biggest enemy. What a wonderful metaphor to explore though the concept of humans and Cylons. It’s such a great show, I’m such a huge fan of it, and it’s ridiculous,” Sharma told MediaBlvd Magazine.

Prior to Battlestar Galactica, Sharma has appeared on shows like Da Vinci’s City Hall, The Lone Gunmen, Smallville, John Doe, and Dark Angel.  However, she particularly takes pleasure on her stint on the SciFi show where she gets to play the assistant to the dying president Roslyn (Mary McDonnell).

“It is great, because I’ve certainly done a lot of stuff that I don’t love.  But you’ve got to pay your bills. You look for art, and we’re all trying to make art, but there are a lot of sketches before you get to a real masterpiece.  And I feel like I’m working with Picasso right now.  I’m no longer in the academy training.  There’s something really special going on in this show,” she explained.

Fans can catch Rekha Sharma on this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica in which bitter enemies must put aside their grudges as the Demetrius crew teams up with Cylon rebels to destroy a vital enemy target.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MediaBlvd Magazine
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Kris De Leon

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