After a seemingly never ending hiatus, Battlestar Galactica returns to wrap up its fourth and final season on Friday, January 16.  With the return of the Sci Fi Channel series less than two months away, the network is increasing their promotion of the show to get fans ready for Galactica‘s big send-off.  Sci Fi has scheduled a new half-hour recap special entitled “BSG: Essential Elements,” which is set to air January 11 at 11pm.  A new Battlestar Galactica webisode series entitled “The Face of the Enemy” is also in the works.  It’ll premiere online in December, and according to The Futon Critic will also air during Sci Fi’s presentation of the movie Pitch Black on January 15.

The webisodes are meant to bridge the gap between the mid-season finale and the January 16 premiere, but that’s not the only interesting thing about them.  Galactica Sitrep reports that two male characters will be outed and indulge in a full-on make-out session in one of the installments.  Read on if you want to be spoiled!

In news that I doubt any Battlestar Galactica fan will find shocking, one of the gay characters is none other than Lt. Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani).  The man he’ll be seen making out with is Hoshi, who may only be known by the most faithful BSG fans.  Hoshi is the former communications officer on the Pegasus, who now holds the same position aboard the Galactica.  He took over Gaeta’s duties for a short time when the lieutenant was traveling with Starbuck aboard the Demetrius.

While I’m thrilled that Battlestar Galactica is showing some diversity, it’s a bit disappointing that these characters won’t be outed in an actual episode of the series.  BSG fans who don’t watch the webisodes may never know that Gaeta and Hoshi made out, unless it’s somehow referenced on the show.  Then again, with only 10 episodes left and BSG barreling toward its series finale, it’s possible there’s no time to dive into issues of sexuality.

There’s no word on when “The Face of the Enemy” webisodes will appear online, though fans should keep an eye on the Sci Fi Channel’s website throughout December.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Galactica Sitrep, The Futon Critic
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