Smallville’s episode 6.16 titled ‘Promise’ is the culmination of the Lana / Lex wedding, and everything it should be.  At first, I was just happy to see the storyline come to some kind of end, be it a wedding or not.  After seeing the episode,  I’m convinced that as tired as the Smallville melodrama became for me, the end result was a huge and ample pay off.  Definitely one of the best Smallville‘s ever.

The episode is told from three perspectives, Lana’s, Clark’s, and Lex’s.  In Lex’s thread, his secret crimes against Lana come to a head when the good doctor shows up to sell his silence.  Lex isn’t buying, and instead accidentally kills the doc.

Clark’s piece is full of strange dreams and confusion.  Chloe summons Clark to Luthor mansion when she is locked in the wine cellar.  Clark easily pulls the door off and repairs it with his handy dandy heat vision.  Chloe admonishes him for not stepping in and stopping a loveless marriage, and asserting his own deep feelings for Lana.  Clark says he is resigned to allowing the wedding to go off without his involvement.

From Lana’s thread we see that she was the one who trapped Chloe in the wine cellar and then hid in the shadows, seeing in clear sight Clark’s powers, and hearing his confessions of love.  All secrets are out.

Subsequently,  she meets Clark and tells him she is not going to marry Lex and will meet him at the barn.   Somebody is coming so Clark has to leave.  It turns out being Papa Luthor who tells Lana that he too knows of Clark’s secret, and of a weakness that can kill him.  He threatens to exploit it if Lana does not go through with the wedding.

As Clark prepares for his own wedding proposal,  Lana walks the aisle at the church.  She believes Lionel!  One half of the vows go down without a hitch when Clark appears in the threshold of the church.  He watches in horror as Lana reciprocates the vows.  The unthinkable has happened,  Clark has lost Lana to lex.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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