Have we ever talked about the Bachelor/Bachelorette music before? You know, those swirly, swelling, magic-sparkle-unicorn-fart sounds that play at the beginning of the episode and after every commercial break? Oh man. We should. Because I was just watching these Bachelorette bonus videos and thinking about how much I love the music on this show. And how I love it even MORE because the music is almost always 100% tone-deaf and wrong for the scene that immediately follows it. The music is all like, “Twinkle twinkle, here comes the most romantic moment in the history of human beings marrying each other for love instead of pragmatic monetary and security concerns!” and then the scene is like, “Got ya again! Just some regular ol’ fools being foolish.” It’s always the same trick, and it works every time.

EXCEPT THIS WEEK. One scene actually lived up to the hype that is “Fairytale Princess Thinks Back Nostalgically Upon the Day She Was Engaged to Prince Charming While Petting a Cartoon Kitten,” which I assume is the name of the theme music for The Bachelor(ette). And that scene is when Jef read his letter to Emily atop a beautiful Utah mountain in front of a beautiful Utah sunset. And Emily smiled her beautiful North Carolinian smile like, “Thank you for making this decision so much easier, future husband.” What a cute moment! Let’s watch it again, along with these other bonus videos from last night’s Bachelorette episode:

Episode Highlight: Sean’s Scary Prank. Here’s what I’m talking about, where the baby-ballerina-twirling-in-CandyLand music doesn’t exactly match up with the pay-off, which is Sean “pranking” Emily by pretending he lives at home, and is a stuffed-animal-obsessed mess. Good thing he’s so good looking!

Episode Highlight: “Meant to Be.” When I watch this scene, 85% of my brain is like, “Awwwwwwwwww, yaaaaaaaaay,” but then the other 15% can’t help thinking, “YOU SAID “FOREVER” ON TV. YOU GUYS BETTER NEVER BREAK UP.”

Deleted Scene: Sean and His Sister Talk Marriage and Fatherhood.
Sean’s sister signed him up for The Bachelorette, so this is a journey that’s come full circle for her as well. Watch as she tears up talking about how Sean left for the show with doubts, and came back “as a man.”

Finally, if you didn’t see it yet, Reality Steve came out with his big spoiler for which guy is engaged to Emily in the Bachelorette finale. Check it out!!!!! I mean, if you want. I’m not that excited or anything. (Yes I am!!!!)

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