Mary Delgado may have been lucky in love while she was a contestant on The Bachelor, but she obviously doesn’t have the same luck with the law. Delgado, a former NFL cheerleader and the winner of the 6th Season of The Bachelor  was arrested this Saturday for the second time in less than a year.

Delgado who hooked pro-Bass fisher Byron Velvick, during the 6th Season of The Bachelor was arrested for unruliness on Saturday in Del Rio, Texas for refusing to leave Lorina’s Cantina, a local bar. Despite Delgado’s claim that it was her “constitutional right” to remain at the bar as long as she pleased, Delgado was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and resisting arrest.

On her way to the Val Verde Correctional Facility, Mary Delgado took out her frustration on the officers and police car. Police alleged that Delgado was loud and belligerent and that she kicked the radio inside the police cruiser. Delgado only remained at the Correctional Facility for about an hour, before her Bachelor Byron Velvick posted her bail.

You’d think Byron Velvick might know better than to bail out Mary Delgado, as Delgado’s last trip to jail was for assaulting him. Late last November, Delgado and Velvick were reliving the romantic way they met, by watching The Bachelor’s eleventh-season After The Final Rose special. Maybe something on the show brought up bad memories for the couple, as Velvick demanded to leave the condominium the couple was watching the show and Delgado demanded that they stay.

Mary Delgado’s First Mug Shot

After arguing the couple left the condominium, only to continue and escalate the argument in Velvick’s truck. The disagreement took a turn to the physical, resulting in Mary Delgado slapping her hard-won man in the mouth. The upper left side of Byron’s lip was split by the force of the slap, while Velvick went inside to clean up his bloodied lip. While tending to his wounds, Velvick decided to call police and despite insisting he didn’t want to press charges, Mary Delgado was arrested and charged with domestic battery. Velvick who insisted that photos were not taken of the injury inflicted by his cheer-leading fiancé, dropped the charges against Delgado. Just like this weekend’s incident, alcohol was said to be a factor in the assault.

Mary Delfado and Byron Velvick

The most amazing part of this story, isn’t that a reality TV star was arrested-but rather, that after all this Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado are still together and still plan to marry. If the couple does go through with the wedding, hatched on reality TV, we hope they go the route of Trista and Ryan and get married on TV. Sounds like the reception, as long as the champagne is flowing, could turn out to be must-see-TV.

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(Image Courtesy Of: Val Verde, Texas, County Sheriff’s Office)

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