Jubilee Sharpe may not be one of Ben Higgins‘ top three finalists (one of which typically becomes the next Bachelorette) but the war vet did make a memorable impression on The Bachelor season 20– enough to make her a contender for the coveted Bachelorette position.

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Becca Tilley, Amanda Stanton, Caila Quinn and Sharpe are just some of the women being eyed to hand out roses next season. 

“I don’t think anyone would turn down that role,” Sharpe told ETOnline. “Obviously, there’s a lot to think about being in that position and playing that role, but I think it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Since I already know that the process works, I don’t think it’s something I would turn down because I definitely want to find my somebody.”

Sharpe, who had her share of insecurities, was eliminated in week 5. Though she did fall for the 26-year-old software salesman, she doesn’t have any hard feelings. 

“While I was on there, I definitely had strong feelings of like for him, and I still think he’s a great guy,” she explained. “[Ben] came out there and he did this whole process the best [he] could. Obviously, no one’s going to do it perfectly, and he didn’t do it perfectly, but he did a pretty damn good job.” 

As for who ends up with Higgins, Sharpe straightforward admits she’s team JoJo.

“I am Team JoJo,” she revealed. “JoJo is a lot of fun, and she is a sweetheart, and she’s a great person. She is a great person, and I’m Team JoJo all the way.”

Fans can catch Shape on The Bachelor: The Women Tell airing Monday on ABC.

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