While things may have been a little “business as usual” for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, things are getting spicier with their trip across the country to the Hamptons. And what do we have here? A visit from the land of The Real Housewives of New York City. Let’s see how Bethenny Frankel fares with the ladies from the 90210 in this episode, “Pretty Mess.”

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Being Erika Jayne

The ladies are still mid-White Party celebrating Lisa Vanderpump’s magazine cover. At dinner, Lisa Vanderpump gives Eileen the third degree about how she met her current husband and if she cheated on her ex-husband with him. Eileen clearly feels uncomfortable, but Lisa’s unable to pick up on any of her cues. She’s trying to be nice, but she’s regretting letting Lisa needle anything out of her. Kyle says that if you’re wearing a big hat and have an English accent, you can ask anyone anything.

The next day, Eileen still feels uneasy being around Lisa Vanderpump, especially because she doesn’t do well with unresolved issues. Lisa Rinna is nervous about meeting Erika. She googled her video and seems a little offended at how raunchy it was. Eileen, however, thinks it’s great that she has such a sexy alter ego, and she admits that she wishes she could live a double life too.

Erika makes her grand entrance at the Hamptons mansion after taking her private plane from Chicago where she performed at gay pride. Lisa Rinna tells her they watched the video and they have lots of questions for her. Erika relates it to Lisa’s acting and saying it’s not only an alter ego, but a job. Erika’s not letting the ladies catch her off guard, though. She’s keeping her eyes open around them.

Meanwhile, in Cleveland, David’s actually being a decent husband and taking care of Yolanda after her surgery, though he does make a bad joke to Lisa Vanderpump on the phone that Ken now has better boobs than Yolanda. Har har har. Anyway, Yolanda hopes that having the toxic silicon removed from her body will be the solution to her health issues.

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The B is Back

The ladies are meeting for dinner at Bethenny’s house for the evening, but Kyle gets there early to visit with her friend of 25 years. Bethenny brings up Kim, but Kyle isn’t offended like she is when the other women ask her about Kim because Bethenny has known them both for so long and is genuinely concerned.

Kyle tells Bethenny about Erika, so Bethenny natural goes to her Instagram to form an impression. Bethenny thinks she looks like a Playboy Bunny and she can’t wait to meet her.

In the limo on the way over, it’s Erika’s turn to get the Lisa Vanderpump third degree. She asks her blunt questions, and Erika keeps her cool and doesn’t mind answering. But she’s got her eye on Lisa. She thinks she’s the self-appointed leader and she likes to ask a lot of questions to get as much information as she can so she can be in control.

At the party, Bethenny tells Erika that she’s obsessed with her. But she has a few (unsolicited) pointers for Erika too. She says that her music video looks like it has low production value and she needs her brand to be more focused. Once again, Erika keeps her cool. She responds to Bethenny with patience and aplomb. In her confessional, though, she says she thinks Bethenny should mind her own business. Erika’s in the music business and Bethenny is in the cocktail business, and they should both probably stick to what they know.

The next day, Eileen confides in Lisa Rinna that she felt grilled by Lisa Vanderpump the other night. She asks Lisa Rinna if she should mention it or not, and Lisa thinks that if it’s making her uncomfortable, she should just clear the air. Eileen feels hurt by Lisa Vanderpump because she considers her a friend and she cares what she thinks. She doesn’t want Lisa Vanderpump to not respect her or her marriage.

Erika debriefs with the ladies about Bethenny’s attack. But she’d rather laugh about it the next day than be mad. In her confessional, she wonders if Bethenny was being a bitch or if she’s just jealous. Most likely the former.

Before they go about their activities for the day, Eileen pulls Lisa Vanderpump aside. She says that she felt sensitive and like she was under attack the other night. Lisa completely denies doing anything offensive. She gives her an “I’m sorry if you were offended” apology, which isn’t much of an apology at all. Eileen isn’t happy with the conversation. She says she took a step to telling Lisa how she felt, and Lisa ignored it and even turned it back around on her. That’s what happens when you’re friends with Bobby Fischer.

Next time: Even more Bethenny. And poor Eileen breaks down.

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